GO 620 WiFi Speed Cameras updates failed

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Hello, I have a tomtom go 620 with WiFi but since yesterday there is a traffic radar's update I'm unable to download, the device go all the way to 99% and then an error message is shown.
I've tried several times with no results.
Any ideas???


P.D.: My tomtom is in spanish and my location is Spain.


  • VikramK
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    Hi jcgalveza

    Welcome to the community and sorry for the late reply..

    Please do a soft reset on the device and then try to update the speed cameras again.

    Let us know if that worked.

  • mabdzeez_un32
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    I had the same problem but slightly different;
    I downloaded the speed camera update fully, then while it was saying "updating" it came up with red alarm and said update failed and that I have to contact TomTom!
    I already did soft reset but it does not say it needs any updates!
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    Support then:

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