Spark 3 Cardio- Is it possible to block the button?

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Hi colleagues

In two weeks I will run an OCR (Madrid Spartan Race) and I want to go with my watch in order to see the results and route once I finished. Due to there will be a lot of obstacules I am worry about to block my task with any hit, so, do you know if it is possible to block the button?
I have seen that there is an optioninside preferences, changing to block mode YES, but I don´t know if its enough, because I have already activated and sometimes, when I am training at gym I have hit the buttom and changed to standby state (still reading pulse) and I dont know if I start running, automatically it starts again.

Thanks in advance

Juan A. Barnes


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    the block mode will make it harder, you'll have to hold the button a bit longer in order to have it change the mode while exercising. It doesn't prevent you from changing modes otherwise you wouldn't be bale to stop it. And there is no auto start if you accidentally pause it.
    Maybe a wristband/sweatband will help a bit?
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    You can't disable the button, lock mode (which should always be on) adds a slight delay to the pause action, but it can still be stopped. I personally wouldn't wear the watch in a Spartan race unless you are prepared to lose it or break it. I have done my share of OCRs and the mud, electricity, water and everything else on the course provides a lot of ways to damage the watch. I personally wear a cheap Timex as all I really need to know is my time anyway (optical HR is not going to be accurate under those conditions anyway).

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.