Which map covers Madeira for the TomTom GO App?

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I'm going to answer my own question because TomTom don't!

TLDR? - Madeira is included in Portugal and the Canary Islands as Spain - so any map with these countries will include the islands.

If you look on TomTom's own site they suggest that Madeira (and the Canary islands of Gran Canaria / Fuerteventura / Tenerife) are covered by the 'Eastern Atlantic Islands map'.... but you can't find this map on the GO app... and the pretty picture for the Spain/Portugal map shows no sign of including them either. Happily I've tested and downloaded and they are part of the country that they are a territory of. I'm going to guess Jersey and Guernsey and Alderney are in the UK map.

It would be helpful if TomTom's own webpages made this clear and saved everyone wasting time...


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    Hi nji1000

    Thank you for your feedback with regards to map coverage information for Go mobile app's, I will log this as a request to be passed on to the concerned team.