No computer - data storage solution

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I recently spent a week touring on my motorbike, filming on and off the bike for upwards of five hours on some days (lots of editing to do!). I don't own a laptop, but wouldn't have had room for it anyway. So I had both a power problem (recharging the camera while on the road) and a data storage problem. My 128GB SD card was plenty big enough to get me through each day, but I still needed a backup solution.

For anyone in similar circumstances I can recommend an affordable product that solves both. It's called Kingston MobileLite Wireless G3. It has a 6,700 mAh battery recharger (good for a couple of camera charges), and is able to backup your camera's SD card to a portable hard-drive - controlled wirelessly by an app on your phone.

The device is small (115mm x 80mm x 24mm) and can be stowed somewhere on the bike or in your pocket while recharging the camera. Unfortunately, the power cord and microphone cable both share the same plug, so you can't charge the camera and use the mike at the same time.