Rider 400 Premium - new user thoughts and review

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Hi all. I've just purchased the above and thought I'd provide some initial thoughts. At the moment its not been used on my MC so my impressions are based upon the initial setup and trial uses.

I've had two sat navs in the past the first was a Garmin and the second (still in use) a Garmin Nuvi 3490TLM. This is a first rate car sat nav that I have also used on my MC until now - it's not waterproof and I was concerned about that and vibration, hence the Tomtom. Some of my thoughts are based upon comparison with this Garmin.

The Good:
1. It seems to be very well made, including all the mounts and accessories that come with the premium version. I like the look and feel of it very much.
2. It updated (maps/software/other) quickly and without issue. The software was easy to use.
3. The screen is very responsive - without gloves, I've not tried with gloves yet.
4. The day/night display switch seems to take place as it should.

The Poor:
1. No speed or speed limits provided without a route in progress - why?
2. No riding direction provided, e.g. North/NNE etc. An arrow is the basic part!
3. No music provision, i.e. built in MP3 player. Most Garmins have this as standard and it just makes using a sat nav with music to a headset so simple.
3.1 Yes I know you can work around this and I've got the 400 and my phone easily paired to my Senna headset (SMH5).
4. The maps are bland, they lack visual impact/definition. Why is there no choice of map style?
5. Poor voice choice if you want spoken street names - really one buggy voice for this is very poor.
6. The lack of support from Tomtom - e.g. the long awaited software update to remove numerous bugs.

Once I have it mounted on my MC and have used it I'll leave some additional thoughts. in spite of the above, I have to say that I'm looking forwards to that.


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    1. If they are aware of the max speed of the road, usually it is displayed. Also the warning would work. However in many cases they don't have the max speed data.
    2. The arrow above the +/- sign is the direction arrow.
    3. Most probably they won't even have it.
    4. Good question. You are not the only one asking for it :) It is how it is on these latest models. Less possibilities for customisation.
    5. Contact TT CS, maybe they can offer another TTS voice in the given language.
    6. It is not lack of support, but recently became pretty slow. There is an update promised for Q1 2017.
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    Hi whyhaveone,

    Welcome to the Community and thanks for your feedback!

    I've logged your feedback to be reported to the product team.

    Zsolt already answered most of your questions :D I'd like to add that you can choose a high contrast map colour theme at Settings - Appearances - Display - Map colour.

    Please, post back here if you have any further questions/comments :D

    Cheers, Mikko
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    Hi Zsolt and MikkoK

    Re my noted poor items:
    1. I've come across very few instances where my Garmin does not have the relevant speed data, though yes there are some. So why would Tomtom be worse?
    2. I'm aware of the arrow, but as i said that is very basic and not as instantly reassuring/readable as a givvven NNE direction.
    4. I'd already tried the map 'high contrast' setting but this is worse as the urban area coloration goes and the roads are still not well defined.
    5. I've been to the voice selection and there is nothing else there that will give street names.

    I've got some additional negatives:
    7. Why no vehicle choice to show where you are, an arrow is so outdated!
    8. When choosing a destination, It would be nice to be given a choice of routes that you could select from.

    Please don't get me wrong, whilst the above could do with fixing and are annoying on what is an expensive item, the main criteria will be the directions/routes provided, until I've actually used this on my MC I can't comment on that yet.
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    7. Unfortunately these new devices are less customisable.

    8. It is not offering it by default, but you can ask for alternative routes.
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    Zsolt wrote:
    7. Unfortunately these new devices are less customisable.

    8. It is not offering it by default, but you can ask for alternative routes.

    7. Why? If my three year old Garmin can do it...........
    8. Again why? Again if my three year old Garmin can do it..............
    (ah ha - just found that if you go to "select alternative route" it then provides options shown together - which is what I want :D ) One down, seven to go.
    These are expensive products and should be as useful and adaptable as much cheaper car sat navs!
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    Having finally used my Tomtom on my MC - without connecting my phone to either my headset or Tomtom - I've got teh following observations/thoughts. Rider 400/Sena SMH5/Sony Xperia 5

    The Good:
    1. Clear and loud enough voice - just remember to adjust the volume in your headset whilst the Tomtom is 'speaking'. I change the voice to do this as it then says a few words.
    2. Excellent and clear directions, you hardly need to look at the 400. I find the spoken directions Better than my Garmin Nuvi 3490TLM.
    3. The winding roads worked well. Yes it took me through/around some towns, but in Hampshire you're not going to avoid them.

    The Bad:
    1. The map. Good grief it is poor, the colours are just too pastel with non route roads very poorly marked.
    1.a Don't get me started on the so-called 'high definition option' that is abysmal. Why on earth cannot Tomtom produce a decent readable map???
    (I've found that if the screen is not at 90 degrees to your view it is much clearer, but this is far from ideal)

    2. Speed cameras. One of the reasons that I bought this was for the lifetime speed cameras, I was unaware that you needed to be connected via your phone to Tomtom services for this - why, why, why?
    OK for live traffic, I can understand the need, just - though I don't need to on my Garmin as it has a built in traffic receiver.
    OK for current mobile camera positions, obviously.
    Bit it is not required for fixed cameras be they speed or traffic light ones. They just need to be in the 400s memory. What if I was on a no data phone plan? What if it was very small? Also when I go to Europe and will be forced to pay for camera information by having my phone used, that is so very wrong.
    Also, lets face it there are still many poor phone reception areas, I can just imagine going through a camera in one of those!

    Next try out will be with my phone connected as well - for music - and I'll then see if I get the 400 voice/connection issues. If I do I'll be returning the Tomtom.
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    For the fixed cameras, you wouldn't need a connected phone. Might be a bug or so. With the phone connected, additionally to the camera database from the internal storage, you should receive the actual mobile camera locations of your 120 km or so area (continuously updating).
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    As per my camera/traffic info post, the camera info is installed on my device - according to MyDrive - but I do not get any warnings, why please?
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    Well thanks to Zsolt on my other post re cameras and trafic info. I removed all camera info and just installed the UK camera info, voila, I have traffic cameras showing on a trial route - they were not showing previously. I'm hoping that when I actually ride a route the warnings will sound.

    Thanks again for the info Zsolt!

    Why Tomtom are there so many glitches with your product that ruins a user perception?
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    Two more thoughts on the Tomtom 400 from my first use of it.

    When riding the shown speed symbols are too small.

    The connection from the cradle to the harness is diabolical. It's too small, the arrows cannot be seen in anything other than bright light and the locking ring is too fiddly. I'm going to put some paint on the arrows so that I can at least see them!
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    Re: Speed Camera Warning.....
    Have you checked... 4Dot(....Menu) > Settings > Sounds and Warnings...
    Set the "Warning type" that you require...
    Turn on "Mobile camera HotSpots" etc to "Always"...
    Scroll down and set "Traffic jam ahead" etc...

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    YamFazMan wrote:
    Re: Speed Camera Warning.....
    Have you checked... 4Dot(....Menu) > Settings > Sounds and Warnings...
    To set the Warning type that you require... Turn on Mobile camera HotSpots etc to "Always" ... Scroll down and set Traffic jam ahead etc...


    Yes all done thanks. As noted the camera issue was resolved by completely removing all camera info and re-installing.
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