Latest update to Android Go app has broken it... again

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Last update well before xmas broke TomTom Go Android on a number of phones; support didn't help, but eventually got it working weeks by changing language and reinstalling.
Just opened the app, and been forced to swipe through screens, then told 'Finishing update...' and app is unusable again - just freezes at this point with the bar about 3/4 across - restart doesn't help.
So, I was without my app for two months over xmas, and now I'm without it again.
Feel as if I'm flogging a dead horse here... anyone had this problem/found a solution? :(


  • Zsolt
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    Have you tried to uninstall completely, restart the phone and then to install again? The previous issue they had was mostly with Belgian language setting and worked with English. Seems like it is not an issue any longer. Have you checked if there are also any software updates for your phone? Also clear the cache of Google Play store (first force stop). If you drop a mail to TT CS, they will extend your subscription at least with the lost time.