Why can I not Search, Plan a route or Display my Poi's in MyDrive (Web) ?

MtechMtech Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
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Hello All, I have just upgraded from a TomTom XL to a Go5100.
I have Sync'd and transferred all my POi's (OV2) from the TomTom XL to my new Go5100 via MyDrive.
I can search them and plan a route on my Go5100 without a problem.
The problem is I cannot search, plan a route or see any POI's In MyDrive on the PC.
The file is still indicated in My Places/Poi Files in MyDrive ok.
As I downloaded them from the PC to my Go5100 I don't understand why I carn't see them on the PC.
what do I have to do to see my POI's in MyDrive on the PC?
Its driving me Mad (not a Pun). Hope someone can help. Thanks


  • MtechMtech Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Hello again
    Seems no one has an answer or it's not a feature that drivers want. I thought it would be good to plan routes on my PC in MyDrive between my POI's and send it to the TomTom. I Thought that's what it did. I can still plan between POI's directly on the TomTom but what's the point of MyDrive. just for marketing I suppose.
    Well if any one out there has an answer It would be apreciated.
    P.s. I sent the same question to TomTom customer services.. guess there lines are down.
  • arichardarichard Posts: 319 [Supreme Navigator]
    I seem to be able to do what you want. You have to use TomTom's web based MyDrive and not MyDrive Connect. If your POIs are synched, click on the menus and choose one and then its pop up menu "use as starting point" and for the destination "plan route".

    The software is not easy and I have not seen a manual specifically for using MyDrive
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 14,769 Superusers
    @ Mtech
    You can plan a route with the MyDrive Route Planner using MyPlaces/Favourites (The ones with the Blue Star Icons in the MyPlaces/Favourites list)

    But you can't plan a route using the List of 3RD Party POI's that is created on the MyDrive Route Planner when you install 3RD Party POI Categories to your Tomtom device

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