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Impossible to fix score errors after round is finished, even on a smartphone, too bad, cause errors happened almost every courses !! Hope to see that possible next update


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    anche io ho acquistato un orologio tomtom Golfer2 ma a me si associa ma dopo 2 minuti si scollega anche a me non si cancella niente sono ancora troppo lontani peccato perche io avevo un gruppo di persone che volevano comprarlo ma dato che giocando insieme hanno notato che io avevo problemi si sono ricreduti. La connessione per fare una prova anche se non si trova in un campo da golf si deve connettere ma non sconnettere dopo due minuti giusto..
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    Hi dardjeeling,

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    Thank you for your feedback! I've logged this as an improvement request for the product team.

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    Without the ability to edit errors, once loaded to the smartphone, the excellent information displayed in the data analysis becomes almost worthless due to the erroneous data skewing the results. Two examples of this are when the watch fails to register the shot, particularly the second shot, and the user fails to notice. This records very long tee shots. Second, if the user fails to register the putts before the watch has moved to the next hole, once the putts are input the last shot noted before the putts is deemed to have completed at the tee of the next hole i.e. (where the wearer is now standing)
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    Related to the problem above, Sometimes the watch does not advance the TomTom to the next hole, which I can understand. But I do correct the number of strokes on the watch when I manually correct the scores to the right hole number manually. This is done while I am playing. So the watch now has the correct scores on each hole by the time I finish playing. For example, if I just finished hole number 6 say and have a score of 4, and because the watch did not advance to hole 7, the watch would have an incorrect score for hole 6, say 5, because the watch automatically record strokes. I would then correct this immediately on the watch. However, when I synchronise the watch to the app, I notice that the scores shown on the app after I synchronised the watch is not the corrected scores. Now I don't understand this. What's the point of correcting the the scores on the watch when the app still registers the uncorrected scores?
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    I have seen the same behaviour with both of our Golfer 2 watches. Correcting strokes after the finished hole causes weird results ( also: 400 meter long drives, severe errors in GPS position data like 1. shot recorded but app's map shows nothing etc.) in app as hantuuk1 wrote. Another weird issue is that the other watch has 3 rounds in internal memory. After sync the last round was shown in the app once, later it was gone. Phone's memory has 5 files for that date (assuming that filename contains date and time in it's name). There is something deeply wrong in communication between the watch and app and secondly the reliability to get correct data to app. I urge Tomtom to take swift action to fix the situation
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    MarttiP wrote:
    Another weird issue is that the other watch has 3 rounds in internal memory. After sync the last round was shown in the app once, later it was gone.
    Is that Android or iOS?
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