TomTom TOYOTA II not working with IOS 10

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Since the Iphone upgrade to IOS 10 the phone is not working properly any-more with the Tomtom TOYOTA II in my Toyota Aygo.
Problem; When accepting a call via the Tomtom, there is no sound, not to me, not to the one who's calling. Silence on both sides. When however I switch my Iphone from sound to Tomtom to sound to Iphone and then back again, I can hear the caller and vice versa.
Second issues: calling from the Tomtom with a special prefix like *31# (to undo you caller id block) doesn't work. I just doesn't make connection to the Iphone. When not using the prefix there is no problem (and I even have sound).

What did I test:
Iphone 6 and 6S with IOS 10.0.2 and 10.1
Tomtom ID AK4ZA A2F8A Appl 7.828 OS 843641

What did I do:
The usable stuff;
Reset Tomtom to factory settings and updated to latest version
Reset Network settings from Iphone
Pair and unpaired and deleted the connection a couple of times

And now I'm stuck.......
Anybody some suggestions ?


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    we have the very same issue, have been emailing tomtom back and forward for about a month now,basically to tom hve said they have not tested any apple devices or ios on this system since 2012.

    our car is a 2014 model,so have tomtom been happily seling an outdated product to Toyota with no interest in the future, we are now stuck with a useless device in our car. very unhappy with this, have also emailed Toyota uk and had little response, it`s now been suggested we speak to the Toyota dealer we got the car from.

    Basically looks to me like Tomtom fixed up an old unit to fit the aygo and clear out their old stock and now don`t wantto know about it yet we are stuck with a device that's not fit for purpose.
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    Hello Zed6,

    Tanks for the reply, my car is a 2011 Aspiration Red Navigator. Bought it new in 2011 and I had never any problems until IOS 10.
    Who's to blame ? Apple of course they did something in IOS that broke is.
    In my experience Apple doesn't do sh*t for it's customers if it doesn't fit in their strategy. The just go with the/their flow and only use the newest standards. If you can't follow your out.
    But the connectivity problem doesn't seems to be restricted to Apple branded products thus TomTom on the other hand has to maintain there products to be compatible for at least 5 years, in this case... it's on the limit but to be a good company: Just fix it ! Can't be that hard because it works more or less with some (irritating and dangerous) workarounds.
    What would be a good solution for TomTom. If they acknowledge that it is an old device and that there won't be any support on it and make the whole thing opensource. There are a lot of engineers who would be happy (and capable) to solve this.
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    I've found that the iPhone5 receives calls but no sound on answering, rings through the door speaker but silence when answered. Tested a Windows phone as an alternative and it worked fine, if fairly quiet volume wise though. I suspect that the iPhone and unit are permanently incompatible. I have a modern TomTom with Live traffic which I bring with me on longer journeys, I had an old TomTom model like this (but not integrated) a few years ago which worked in a similar way to the TomTom Toyota II, it was equally awful and glitchy. I was forever having to use a flash tool to repair corrupted files and there was compatibility issues with a range of different phones. Hands free performance has always been poor on these with it routed to just the passenger side speaker. My advice would be to get a Parrot Bluetooth kit fitted in the car if it's hands free functionality that you are after. If you rely on a satnav, this unit is very basic and was almost obsolete technology when Toyota introduced it into the Aygo, it's fine for pottering around however the smartphone in your pocket is probably able to do a better job now.
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    I have this satnav in my Toyota Auris bought in 2012. I know that´s basic device but it´s very useful for my wife. I tested with iPhone6 and iPhone 5C with the same issue, both with IOS 10. I think technology manufacturers must support basic communication protocols like bluetooth for many years. Does anyone know if there is an issue opened in Apple?