TT Rider 400 failure to detect Interphone headset

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Just bought a TTR400 (not sure if it's a 400 or 40 actually).

The TTR400/40 Manual says it will connect to a headset via Bluetooth. I have an Interphone F4MC headset but the TTR400 will NOT detect the Interphone headset. This is despite the Interphone being listed as compatible on TomTom's website.

Can anyone assist me? Am I missing anything obvious? My iPhone connects via Bluetooth to both my TTR400 and to the Interphone without any fuss - INSTANTLY. This is really annoying.


  • Jack53Jack53 Posts: 4 [Apprentice Traveler]
    PS to original post - the application version on my TTR400 is 16.201.2572.311 (27/05/2016).
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    Hi Jack53,

    Welcome to the community:)

    I would advise you to do a factory reset on your RIDER and then try to pair it with the headset. To avoid losing the saved places you can back up your device using MyDrive, see here

    Also, check the user guide here which includes the steps to pair the headset,

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