VIO app not available for Croatia (App Store)

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I have visited the Tomtom booth on EICMA 2016 to check the VIO scooter navigation. I have talked to several Tomtom personnel and specifically pointed out that I am from Croatia. They have told me that the map covers Croatia (not that I need it) and I even checked some maps and the product itself and went on to purchase it on Tomtom dealer booth.
What they didn't tell me (on either booth) is what I've learned yesterday after trying to install the VIO app on my iPhone. This app is not available in Croatia!?!?! Is there a way to install it anyway? In English. App Store recommended to go to UK store. I did but when I click "install" it returns to Croatian Store and recommends to go to UK Store again.


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    Hi Kivno,

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    I'd recommend you to contact Customer Service about this. They might be able to help you.

    Cheers, Mikko
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    I received an answer from TomTom "Support" Team: "Please contact the place of purchase for a possible return. The retailers name will be on the receipt as you were miss sold this product."

    What a great "Support"! I really didn't know that the "retailers name will be on the receipt".

    "Possible return"?????
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    Hi Kivno

    Sorry to hear about the inconvenience caused. Like the Customer Service said the app is only available for limited countries for download: Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria & Switzerland.

    The retailer wrongly informed you that you can download the app in Croatia.