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A2 Eindhoven Maastricht errors in speed limits

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There are many errors in the speed limits on the A2 between Eindhoven and Vonderen in the Netherlands.

Coming from Eindhoven, the 130 limit starts two km earlier than the road signs. Going back, this is the same.

The 100km/h section before intersection Vonderen, coming from Eindhoven, first there is 130 km section, then before the road signs tell you to go to 100 km/h, just before the intersection, there is a short section of about 1km where the limit drops to 100kmh, then goes back to 130kmh for about another km or two.

Between 0700 and 1900 hours, the 17km section before Vonderen is only 100kmh, but the Tomtom says it's 130.

I've reported this with Tomtom earlier, but they told me to enter this in their map tool. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to do that. I tried it once, it was much too complicated. I've paid for this app, I'm happy to pay for the subscription, but I'm not the one giving support here.

So please do your work and fix these errors.


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    If you want I can make the reports for you in the MSR tool. But for me right now it is not completely clear about what locations you are talking. Could you maybe provide some coordinates? That would help me.

    "Between 0700 and 1900 hours, the 17km section before Vonderen is only 100kmh, but the Tomtom says it's 130."

    According to this map: https://staticresources.rijkswaterstaat.nl/binaries/Wegenkaart NL_maximumsnelheden vanaf 15 december 2016_tcm21-98583.pdf it's always 130 km/h (also during the night) from December 23. I don't think it makes much sense to try to report things that are changed again in a few days.
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    Thanks for the offer!

    OK I see that the problem around Vonderen is going to change. Entering that for just one week is no use. The problem with the 130 km section starting too early will be fixed as well next week.

    The other problem there will stay I guess. Right before you enter the 100km section coming from the north, about one or two km before, the limit drops to 100km for just one km, then goes back to 130 for the remaining one or two km. I believe it's around km pole 220. I'm driving, see this happening every time, it annoys me although I ignore it, but I don't know how to mark that on my phone while driving.

    This problem happens between Eindhoven and Utrecht as well, for an even shorter distance. I don't know where, I believe between Den Bosch and Utrecht, am not sure. I've seen it only once, don't keep my eye on there all the time.

    Anyway good to know most of the issues will be fixed by themselves!
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    I checked around hectometerpaal 220 (this route: https://mydrive.tomtom.com/en_gb/#mode=routes+viewport=51.12722,5.8612,12+routes={"departure":true,"traffic":true,"routeType":"FASTEST","travelMode":"CAR","points":["hw~51.17901,5.84667","hw~51.07523,5.82503"]}+ver=2), but as far as I can see TomTom shows a speed limit of 130 km/h for this entire stretch. I'm using the v980 map, do you use the same one?

    You can tap the blue arrow, and then 'Mark location' in the pop up menu. Then, later you can see back on the map where you tapped the arrow.
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