Video not showing up on phone viewfinder (Bandit app on Samsung S5)

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Able to connect to tomtombandit via WiFi, and was able to view the live video on my Samsung S5 which I was able to record from my phone's Tomtom dashboard. Lately the video does not show up, I'm connected to the Bandit camera, I have the dashboard up, but in the Viewfinder on my phone, the live video does not show up. This use to happen intermittently before but now I can't see the video on my phone (bandit camera is ON and connected to my Samsung via bandit Wifi, and the dashboard is up on my phone), but no video showing up in phone viewfinder. Please help..


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    Hi Roadbandit,

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    I would advise you to make a reset (RESET ALL) on your Bandit camera by following the steps here in public FAQ: How do I reset my Bandit GPS Action Camera?

    Also, re-install the Bandit app on your Samsung S5 and once that is done, follow the link here to pair the camera with the App : Connect to Bandit App

    Should you still experience this issue, please contact our customer support and they'll be able to help you further.