TomTom Via 135 Operating System

Could anyone reveal what kind of operating system is used by TomTom, especially in the via 135? Is it an own fabrication, or is it based on Symbian, Android, Linx-embedded, Microsoft-embedded, or something else? Are there open-source alternatives for the onboard firmware?
Once I saw a Kernel being updated. That is a known concept under Linux and Android.

The reason is that there must be a way to find the speed problems that occur in the system's response while using the system on the road. Sometimes my Via 135 only responds a few seconds after a turn off has been passed. The new satellite update patch has been installed - no change.

Being a Linux power user and admin, I'd like to dig into the system if it is a Linux based system.



  • NiallNiall Posts: 10,552 Superuser

    Have a look here

    But be aware the device has a proprietary formatted hard disk, so good luck looking into that.
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