How to quickly share your pictures?

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I like to be able to quickly share pictures from my MC-rides with my friends. But in order for others to be able to stay awake watching the video it has to be edited. And editing takes time!

The small “still photo” camera I carry in a pocket, attached with a retractable key ring chain, can be used when driving if traffic allows. But if something happens quickly, the way it usually does, the moment is missed because it takes too long to find and start that camera.

So, in order to quickly give my friends a ride report, I have started to take frame dumps from the action camera video. The quality could be better if I used a single frame from the video and edit it, but that also takes time.

The enclosed link takes you to pictures taken with a Tomtom Bandit action camera, at 2,7K resolution and screen dumps taken from the video on a full HD screen. The method gives me the opportunity to bring out snippets from the ride and to choose frames that are not affected by any vibration.

Quick and simple!


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    Hi Reviewer,

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