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Having looked at the forum content, it seems TomTom are responsive to user feedback and that the software within, and supporting the camera is being continually developed; which is great to see!

With that in mind, I wanted to post some questions I have, which relate to some of things I'm a little disappointed by so far. On the whole, it's a great little camera and I'm happy with my purchase, but I'd be even happier if I knew the following were being looked into:

> Rattling noise from mounts in use:
I use the cam attached to a pedal cycle (road) and it seems there's insufficient cushioning between the mount and the spring-loaded receivers that hold it in place. There are the two red, rubber strips of course, but they don't seem to be able to dampen higher-frequency road vibration. This results in a shaky image at times, and worse still, it really spoils the audio. Is there anything in the pipeline in terms of developments to mounts?

> Sound quality is poor in wet weather conditions:
I've attached the muffler on the lens, covering the mic, in order to try and filter out wind noise, which seems to work well in the dry, but when wet, the muffler seems to stifle all sound. Is there scope for Bluetooth mic compatibility? (Have seen others have asked this question, but haven't seen any definitive answers yet.)


(I have some other comments relative to editing, but I'll put those in the Studio forum instead)


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    Hi Grooberman,

    Welcome to the forum!

    The Anti-Rotation clip you mention has in general been successful in reducing the kind of rattling noise you describe. I'd recommend you to check your mounting again. Could you describe in some more detail how you've mounted the camera and how you use it, please?

    The Dive Lens Cover indeed covers the mic wholes to make the camera fully water resistant. You could rather use an external mic with this cover if you want to record sound as well.

    Bluetooth camera support has been a rather frequent request here and we've forwarded it to the product team. At this point I have no further information as to when/whether it might become available.

    Cheers, Mikko
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    Hi, thanks for the prompt response.

    The sound issues I mentioned were not as a result of using the dive lens, this was with the standard lens and the fuzzy, velcro-mounted 'moustache' which covers the mic holes.

    In terms of mounting, I have used both the handlebar mount (supplied in the Premium kit) which I found to be a bit too bulky, before switching to a 3rd party aluminium 'out-front' mount, which I then used the supplied go-pro adaptor to connect to the camera itself. The rattling was evident in both examples, which suggested to me that the rattling occurs between the TomTom mount, and the rotating receiver on the camera. In fact, if I temporarily place a finger alongside the 'join' between mount and camera, it stops the rattling; which seemed pretty conclusive.
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    Hi Grooberman, are you using the anti rotation clip as described by Mikko above?
    If so, I would check that the screw connection between the Mount and the GoPro Mount are as tight as possible.
    From personal experience I have seen quite a few third party GoPro mounts that don't hold the GoPro adaptor tightly enough, when you connect the two without the screw they should already be some friction between them.
    If that is super tight then the next thing I would check would be that you definitely have both the front and back clips of the Bandit in the mount.
    It's possible that only one clip is inserted into the GoPro adaptor mount, which results in the shaky video and audio.
    If still no joy then please post a picture of your set up so we can better advise.
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    I just did my first snorkling with the bandit and the sound is awfull. I hear creak and squeak and sometimes the real sound of the water. What is wrong with the bandit or what can I do?