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TomTom Bandit Studio- Cannot connect via proxy

kankeLkankeL Posts: 5 [Neophyte Traveler]
edited January 2019 in TomTom Bandit Studio BETA
Would you please add the proxy support to the TomTom Bandit Studio? I cannot get updates/etc via a proxy server.


  • ArieHArieH Posts: 9 [Master Explorer]
    Why do you need proxy support? What you need for an update of the camera is a mobile phone (connected to internet and to the bandit) or a computer connected to internet. The update will be downloaded to your mobile and then be transferred to your Bandit or it will be downloaded to your computer and then be transferred to the batt stick.
    See also

    If you need to update the Studio app on your computer, just connect your computer to the internet, open Studio and if there is an update than you should be able to click on update next to the version number in settings.
  • ChrisChris Posts: 934 Retired Community Managers and Staff
    Hi kankeL, as ArieH say could you explain more as to why you require this?
  • kankeLkankeL Posts: 5 [Neophyte Traveler]

    I am required to use the Proxy Server to connect to internet on my laptop. The direct connection is unavailable. The Windows Studio app ignores my system-wide proxy server setting and cannot connect to TomTom to download updates/Studio updates...

    What happens in this case is:
    - you release a new update to the Studio
    - the version posted on your website is old
    - the Studio app cannot download the update via Proxy
    - I cannot get the update

  • ArieHArieH Posts: 9 [Master Explorer]
    Now I understand. Many TomTom users reported problems with connecties to TomTom servers while using a proxy server.
    Unlike other TomTom software Studio does not support configuration for connections yet.
    TomTom, is there a possibility to release an update file like the SAP TomTom directory update (dir_update.bat -smpuser -smppass -proxyhost -
    proxyport )?
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