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Development on routing issues?

There haven't been many updates lately, nor any news about progress on resolving any of the issues we have repeatedly raised on this forum (e.g., being directed along stupid routes which take us down narrow country lanes, being unable to have any control over the icons on the map for places we have saved [POIs], no categories to enable us to organise our POIs, etc). Have the TomTom development team somehow become frozen with fear as to what to do next and just decided to do nothing? Do they think we are going to put up with this situation indefinitely? Do they think that the inevitable poor reviews that will eventually find there way onto sites like Amazon won't affect their sales? The sad thing is, for quality of graphics alone, TomTom is in a class of its own and there are some other features for which the TomTom devices have a distinct edge over the competition. But if the basic navigation functions are missing or are not working as well as would be expected from a company which has been in the satellite navigation business as long as TomTom has, then they are going to lose customers and lots of them.


  • MikkoKMikkoK Posts: 23,905 Retired Community Managers and Staff
    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for your feedback!

    We've been collecting detailed feedback regarding routing for a while now. The investigation into this feedback is still on-going and, unfortunately, at this point I have no news as to when/whether we might see an improvement in this regard.

    The forum Staff reads everything posted here and logs and reports feedback to relevant instances with the company. Communicating about future releases, their contents and timing, comes from the respective product teams and we then relay the message here. In general, we mostly don't communicate about such things in detail in order not to raise expectations we might not be able to meet.

    The forum team works hard on getting some information out here for you about questions raised here. We, however, can't do that without the consent of the product teams. A recent case in point pertains to the POI feature(s) you referred to about which we could post this statement.

    We'll post back here about these matters as soon as we get more news about them. I understand your frustration but hope that you can also understand our position!

    Thanks again for all your feedback and patience!

    Cheers, Mikko
  • BrianEBrianE Posts: 480 [Exalted Navigator]
    Thanks MikkoK. I do appreciate the hard work of staff on this forum. However, I think the product teams need to be more open with their customers as to which features they are trying to improve/restore, current progress with them and anticipated dates for completion. Customers have shown a lot of patience, but it is fast running out. If TomTom had better competition they would have been put out of business by now as regards to satellite navigation equipment. I deal with a lot of different members of the public in the course of my job, so imagine the reaction I would get if I kept telling customers that I had no idea when their problems would be sorted or even if they would. I don't think I'd be employed for much longer if I adopted that approach, but that's exactly what TomTom seem to think is an acceptable way to treat its customers. It's not.
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    Wish I could give you more than just one "thumb's up" for your comment, Brian.
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