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Has TomTom made a retrograde step?

As a happy and contented GO300 user I was devastated when it packed up. Never mind, Halfords had a good deal on the START50 so I took the plunge.
WHOA!! This is not the TomTom that I was used too and liked. Gone has easy updates, good POI information on the screen, versatile and easy to use menu and a few other things.

Now I have to update using Drive Connect or something. Tried this last night - wiped all my maps from the system. Reconnected this morning and after 2 hours it still says ..'update will resume shortly' Putting POI's on is a nightmare. Gone are the times when you could download them direct from the web site into your faithful device. Now you have to download them and use something else to load them.

Can't TomTom grasp that I need a device that 1. guides me through the roads of GB & Europe and 2. can be easily updated and customised.

I DO NOT have a degree in Computer Sciences but it seems I have to start thinking that way. For now I am trawling EBAY and buying up GO300's when I find them.

Com on TomTom - listen to your public!!


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    As an addendum to the above - 4 hours now and it has said for the last hour '1 minute left' - USELESS!!
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