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GO 5100- Disconnecting the device from computer disables internet

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I have a Go 5100. Every single time I disconnect the device from the computer, the internet disconnects entirely.

The only way to resolve this is to reboot the computer.

In addition, I run a internet traffic monitoring program the whole time. While the TomTom is plugged into the computer, the internet monitoring program (called NetMeter / NetMeterEvo) displays erratic values and hangs when you try to change options.

My computer is Windows 7.

Eventually I resolved the problem by doing two things.

First was to disable IPV6 entirely.

Second was to go into Net Connections while the TomTom was plugged in and untick every single check box except the IPV4 one.

Finally reboot, then after that, it all seems OK now.

Note that I have Oracle VirtualBox installed and another adapter as well.

I'm not sure why TomTom connects via a network adapter connection - it seems unnecessarily complicated. I have a Garmin device that uses regular USB and has never had any kind of problem. When I Google internet problems for TomTom, it seems many people are suffering various problems.


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