Bandit Studio- New v1.4.58.45 update

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what news?


  • Julian
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  • Nick_Gr
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    Hi, I have just installed the new version and I'm still having the same issue. It is not possible to extract any movie from the software. I have uninstall and reinstall the software many times and I still have the same problem.
    Please help because I feel I'm out of options right now. Everything is working normal except when I try to extract the video. I always get the message shown in the picture
  • Nick_Gr
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    Still not possible to create stories. Is it possible that my firewall is blocking the program from extracting?
    I have add the program to exception list but it is still not possible to extract videos. Do I have to add to the firewall list anything else?
    I need Help
  • kankeL
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    Would you please provide the direct link to download? The website still points to the old version
  • Chris
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    Hi Nick_Gr, sorry for the late response, are you using the default directories as the storage for the device or are you pointing the saved files to another directory?

    Hi kankeL, I will look into this thanks.