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New 960 zip/postcodes now released!


  • dhndhn Posts: 33,298 Superusers
    Yep. Maps usually released on a Tuesday.........
  • famille_Leroyfamille_Leroy Posts: 5 [Master Explorer]
    I've just encountered the error with
    I downloaded the fresh copy of the file, but I can't find a way to unzip it on my Mac.

    Which unarchive utility will unzip a cab file on MacOs X?
  • tgoldtgold Posts: 2,127 [Exalted Pioneer]
    Try renaming the file from to
  • famille_Leroyfamille_Leroy Posts: 5 [Master Explorer]
    I tried to rename to, but it didn't work. I found the app keka to unzip the cab file.
    Then I replace the files in the "zip" folder at the root of the SDCard but I still get the "malformed " error when I try to update with TomTom Home...
  • justbrowsingjustbrowsing Posts: 3,094 [Renowned Trailblazer]
  • famille_Leroyfamille_Leroy Posts: 5 [Master Explorer]
    that's this 970 version that I downloaded (files are dated from 2016 june 8th). But even though I replaced the one on the SDCard (dated from 2016 june 4th), I still get "malformed" error message for this /970/ file when I update the SDCard with TomTomHome
  • dhndhn Posts: 33,298 Superusers
    Try Stuffit for unpacking on the Mac.
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