Connecting Bandit Power cable

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Is anyone having problem with Bandit power cable? The connector cap cover on the back of the Batt-Stick keeps getting in the way every time you try to plug power cable. Actual connection very flimsy, the cable doesn't secured well enough in the connector and very easy getting disconnected. Simply you don't have a feeling when plug in. Most bizzare connection solution.


  • the-civvie
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    I have the cable and find it does take a little thought to get it right. I generally use it on my battery connector and have a USB converter that I plug it into
  • ATCMikeR
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    I struggled too, but found that if you insert the bottom of the plug first at a slight angle it clips in OK.
  • BikerShaunH
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    I think they should incorporate the power lead into a mounting base like the TomTom rider, then you can leave everything connected and just remove the camera when parked up
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    Posted elsewhere already, but the following should have bee issued here instead: why can't I use the power cable to download the contents of the SD to my iMac? I know, it's called a "power cable", but any "normal" USB cable connected to a recording device would do so. Paying € 24 for only charging the batt pack is over the top...