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Question about bluetooth- GO 510

hi guys ,newbie here with my first post

i have a via135 at the moment and it has served me very well,but feel its time for an upgrade,i am between a couple of models ,firstly the go 510 has traffic updates through the bluetooth connection on my phone ,the other is the 6100, which has the always connected function.

my question is ,if i go with the go 510 will i still get the traffic updates through bluetooth while my phone is already connected to my ford focus 2014 through bluetooth ,as i make and receive many calls while driving .


  • KakdeKakde Posts: 118
    Hi Cheekiecharlie,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Great to hear that you are looking for a new product.

    you are absolutely right Go 510 device is a Bluetooth enabled device and you must keep your mobile phone connected to the device to get traffic updates.

    However, it is not possible to pair the mobile phone with two different devices at the same time. TomTom device will use Bluetooth tethering. Bluetooth tethering will disable the pairing with other devices.
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to keep the your mobile phone paired with both Go 510 device and your car at the same time. You can not relay your calls to car's audio system when it is already sharing connection with the device.

    Go 6100 on the other hand is better model for you if you want to keep your phone connected with your Ford car.

    Go 6100 device comes with in built sim card and hence you need not use a mobile phone for traffic services, it is inbuilt. Also GO 6100 is bigger than Go 510.

    Hope this helps :)


  • bigbig Posts: 1,552 Superuser
    @Kakde, I beg to differ. And @cheekiecharlie, you should be just fine if it's phone calls you are dealing with.

    Bluetooth can handle many different connections at once, BUT ONLY ONE CONNECTION OF EACH TYPE. So if the TomTom is using your phone's bluetooth internet tethering then another device can't be using internet tethering simultaneously. But a call is an entirely different type of connection. I regularly use my phone for handsfree calls via bluetooth while also using it for traffic on my GO 600. No problem at all. I also use it to play music while still connected to the TomTom. Again, no problem at all. But I am unable to connect my computer to the internet via the phone while the phone is connected to the TomTom.

    This isn't just theory -- it is 100% personal experience, practically daily.
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