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New GO Mobile for iPhone v1.2 available for download



  • PrivateerUKPrivateerUK Posts: 316 [Supreme Pioneer]
    simage wrote:
    Looking at it - screen resolution still only for iphone 5 so it is not full screen on iphone 6. Looks bad.
    2nd - included DB shows 3 cameras in the city but there are over 100.
    3rd - 30 EUR per year? wow...
    I have an iPhone 6s Plus. I agree that the display could be better, but at the end of the day you'll probably run it in the background 95% of the time.

    The included DB is old. If you could let me know a city and street I could have a look for you and give you the details of any cameras showing there (i.e. camera type, speed, coordinates) if that would help?

    As for the price, well that's down to you to decide but 30 EUR to warn you might be a good investment. Also if you are the first to submit then you get an additional year's sub. :cool:

  • revittrevitt Posts: 15 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Just updated to this version and at first was very pleased, the long waited for contacts search is now there. Or so I thought till I tried to use it today. I have over 300 contacts in my address book, but TomTom can only see less than 10 of them. No idea where it is going to get my contacts but it is definitely not my address book:(
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