Can the Bandit read HR from Multi-Sport watch? Can Bandit take a still while recording video? Registered Users Posts: 1
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I'm a runner and biker, I use the Hr incorporated in the watch for training, I find it very useful without having to wear an extra piece of kit (i.e. belt). It would be useful if the Bandit camera picked up your Hrate(+/- cadence) from the watch so it can be an extra sensor for tagging a highlight.

Second, and perhaps more important, I just purchased the Bandit and so far very impressed with it (Not taken it for a ride yet, just playing with it at home). I suppose you can't take a still picture while recording video without having to get into the settings menu of the camera. If it isn't possible, It'd be a nice feature: I.e. you are recording your ride and suddenly you want to take picture via remote control without having to stop to take your helmet off!

Thank you!


  • MikkoK
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    Welcome to the forum and sorry for my late reply!

    Bandit currently only supports HR straps. But I can see how the HR from your watch would be handy :D I'll log your feedback as an improvement suggestion for the product team.

    Please note, that we've released a new generation of sports watches last autumn. You can find out more about them here [] and here [Discussions].

    Cheers, Mikko
  • Chris
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    Hi, sadly not, this was something we wanted to do from day 1, however there are some 3rd party licences in the watches that are preventing us from doing so, if anything changes in this situation we will let you know.
  • wAizz
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    +1 for this feature.
    I just bought a Bandit where I hoped/assumed it was possible to use HR-data from my Spark.
  • alehel
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    I would love this feature. Currently working out which action cam to get. Integration between my spark and bandit would make it a no brainer.
  • Jaaks
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    What about the still photo option. It would really be very very useful if one could easily switch between the two via remote or even better to be able to take still images while recording. My 3 year old cellphone can take HD videos and still images while recording.....
  • Chris
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    Hi Jaaks, it's possible to take screenshots from the recorded video when playing them back in the App. I'll pass this feedback on to the team.
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    I want this me too!!
    I bought the spark because hate HR straps
    It would be the best if I can use my sport watch as an HR sensor