New Bandit Studio Beta v1.3.56 available for download

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Hi All,

We have released an update to the TomTom Bandit Studio, you should be notified that an update is available the next time you open the program. You can also download it from

  • You can now add new types of overlays to your videos, for example the Trailblazer showing your GPS trace.
  • You can now select and add multiple overlays to your video story.
  • You can now change where Bandit Studio saves your videos.
  • You can now export GPX files from tracks.
As we are still in Beta, please let us know your thoughts and experiences using the new version of the Studio!




  • gl00
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    awesome ! :)

    I'm (almost) super happy now! a few additions would make Bandit Studio great for my usage:
    - I would prefer to have my highlights inserted in chronological order by default.
    - for some reason, altitude = 0 when I go in a tunnel (or under a bridge...) I thought the Bandit had an altimeter?!
    - slope % and elevation profile please!
    - add less intrusive -smaller- designs for metrics (also, I like all my metrics grouped in one corner)
    - trailblazer could use a distance marker (total distance, current position...)
    - import .gpx files from other device, allow to sync with other cameras footage - the idea here is that I sometimes go with people who have other cameras and I would like to be able to use their videos (because I appear on them) and would like to use data from my Spark at least for some metrics : I'd rather connect sensors to my watch than to the bandit since the batteries are shorter on the bandit, plus the spark has integrated HRM (no need to wear a belt)

    Congrats for this update, keep up the good work !
  • gl00
    gl00 Posts: 965
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    issue when moving the library (OS X):

    for some reason, my network drive (on wifi) sometimes malfunctions and its path gets changed from
    Volumes/Public/ to Volumes/Public-1/ (I guess this is due to my putting the laptop to sleep without ejecting the network drive). Upon reboot, the path gets correct again (Volumes/Public/)

    this lead me to notice that if my Bandit studio files are in Volumes/Public-1/Bandit/ and I (virtually) move everything to Volumes/Public/Bandit/ then change the settings in Bandit Studio to match this change, the files would not appear in Bandit Studio, even after I restart it... Actually I had to import the files again, even if they were already in the folder the import settings point to!

    wouldn't it be possible somehow to relink files without having to go through the whole import process? my issue might be peculiar, but I guess some other people might want to move their library for some more legit reasons ?
  • MHolm
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    Great update - awesome that I can now add several overlays to a video :cool:

    However, when having several videos, I find it at pain to pinpoint the exact hightlights I want to use in a story. Please correct me if there is in fact a way to do this!

    Ideas for solving the issue:
    - You could only show the highlights for selected videos (I see all highlights, even when I have specific videos selected)
    - Add a mouse-over text to each highlight, showing the file name, and recording date

    Just my thoughts on Bandit Studio.
  • Jaaks
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    I really do need a better way to store, archive and work with my videos. I have taken quite a few videos and it becomes very hard to sort through them. We need folders of some kind
  • Marcorasta
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    Why not enter the chance to change the range of the timeline by giving the possibility to change the length of the video , or to the possibility of including entire video , not just the highlights . thank you
  • gl00
    gl00 Posts: 965
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    I eventually realized that not only are the video files split in different segments, but the GPS files too ! hence the trailblazer overlap doesn't show the entire activity, even if I record non stop. Instead I get several 18mn segments when using the Trailblazer overlap... hopefully this can be fixed ! :)
  • gl00
    gl00 Posts: 965
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    also, would it be possible to make it easier to reorder highlights in the time line ? when I use very long highlights, it's very difficult to move them around... maybe add different zoom levels in the time line view, so at the lowest zoom level, all highlights would just be represented by a 1 frame thumbnail (independently of actual length) so we could have a quick overview of the structure of the story, and highlights would be easy to move around?
  • Chris
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    Thanks for all the feedback, I'll add it to my report!

    The GPS/GPX files are part of the video, they are not recorded separately, consequently this means the you can only extract data for each video, I'll pass it on to the team, but this would probably require a change in the Cameras software so it might not be possible to retroactively apply this to older videos.
  • teK
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    Hi Chris latest version is great thanks!

    Finally we have the GPS overlay option and multiple overlays!

    Would love to be able to add a whole video file into the project instead of only highlights.
  • gl00
    gl00 Posts: 965
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    one more thing: import time is very slow on a hardwired USB3 disk... would it be possible for Bandit Studio to skip the import step and just link files directly to the SD card?

    my current workflow is this:
    1- add/edit highlights in iphone app
    2- import videos to HDD (wait a loooong time)
    3- further edit highlights in Bandit Studio Beta (these edits cannot be replicated to SD card, I have to finish the work in bandit Studio)
    4- edit and export a video
    5- export all highlights as separate files for my archives
    6- delete the original files on HDD (wanted to keep them but too heavy)
    7- delete original files from SD card so it's ready for next session

    suggested workflow (if working with files on SD card were possible) could be:
    1- edit highlights (on either on Iphone app or Bandit Studio Beta - advantage of this is that these highlights created in one platform would be available in the other since I'm working directly with the files on the SD card)
    2- edit in Bandit Studio (or iphone app - they could share the same ressource files for editing) and export video to HDD (or youtube, etc.)
    3- export highlights to HDD (for archiving)
    4- erase SD card for next trip.

    on top of bringing interoperability between bandit studio and iphone app (since they would work with the same files on the SD card) doing so would save a lot of time since by skipping the import phase and allowing to import only the selected highlights...

    hoping these suggestions can be considered...! :8

  • Don46
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    Has the idea of improving fallen by the way side in the last few months? I've been reading this forum and there was positivity in the past and steady progress but in last 3 months things are dead. I'm starting to regret buying this camera as it's costing me a ton of time to try just have my video with all the things I want as an overlay - I will edit elsewhere....
  • dawslammer
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    where is the download site gone cant access anything please help
  • tfarabaugh
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    dawslammer wrote: »
    where is the download site gone cant access anything please help

    The Bandit was discontinued years ago and the download is no longer available. The product is obsolete and unsupported.
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