Who updates the maps here?(Map not up-to-date)

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So back in February 2015 a new bridge was completed that radically changed the direction of travel in my area (Cabra West, Dublin, Ireland). Now, despite google maps having the new directions almost instantaneously, TomTom's app still hasn't updated this area on the map 15months later. Surely I'm not alone in finding this unacceptable.

Should anyone want to see the difference between google maps and TomTom's map for this, type in Rathoath road, Cabra west and follow it towards the Ballyboggan road.


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    Do you know for sure it's actually been "reported" to TT?
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    Hi Gitsy, best thing to do is to report using the online Map Share Reporter tool.
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    Gitsy365 wrote:
    So back in February 2015 a new bridge was completed that radically changed the direction of travel in my area (Cabra West, Dublin, Ireland). Now, despite google maps having the new directions almost instantaneously, TomTom's app still hasn't updated this area on the map 15months later. Surely I'm not alone in finding this unacceptable.

    Should anyone want to see the difference between google maps and TomTom's map for this, type in Rathoath road, Cabra west and follow it towards the Ballyboggan road.

    It is amazing that TomTom still tries to defend their map quality or even suggest that someone should do a Mapshare Report. The truth is their map quality is poor and they do not implement MapShare reports. I submitted a MapShare Report Feb 2014 and it was accepted.


    To this date it still has not been corrected. Even after asking the mods here for help, submitting multiple Tech Support Requests for over 2 years, asking TomTom on Twitter and on Facebook. They always say next release, next release, next release for years and it still has not been corrected. If they could have corrected they would have corrected mine just to get me to go away.

    So I keep asking and updating the above thread until they finally fix. Guessing it will take about 3 years for the correction to be implemented.
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    I have reported recently your issue again on MSR and Mikko said in your own thread over there that it will be fixed in the v975 version (next map).
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    Read the complete thread. I have been told many times it was fixed in 9xx and it was not. I was told via the thread and PM many times it would be fixed in the next version.

    The only thing that is consistent is that I am always told it is fixed or will be fixed in the "Next Version" and it never is fixed. So being told it will now be fixed in v975 means nothing. How about actually fixing and showing me? It's been 29 months now with no update.

    Also, it is extremely bad advice telling anyone to use the Mapshare reporter as that is just an exercise in frustration. Better to be honest and just say the map quality is poor and reporting the issues will have no effect.
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    Why should I read the whole thread?. Yes, certain areas in different maps are just plain wrong. And? Is there any accurate map at all? NO. And there NEVER will be. Also as they didn't fix your issue up to the v970 and the next map is v975, the earlies you will see it fixed now is v975, isn't it? Your issue is one in a million. Other map makers also rely on community input (Waze, Google, OpenStreetMap, etc.). Your case is just very unfortunate. It might even be fixed already as they promised to you, but TT's maps are built from different layers and maybe there is another layer causing this trouble. They are not perfect either, but who is... They've fixed tons of map errors that I reported to them already and in my area they had more up-to-date map, than any other "brand" (Google inc.).
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    There are a large number of threads where others have the exact same complaints I have about Map Quality. The fact you can keep telling users it takes 6-9 months for a Mapshare Correction is a joke. Because you keep saying the same thing over and over does not make it true. And no one or nothing is perfect should not be used to excuse poor quality maps

    My Mapshare issue is the norm and not one in a million. Google Maps, Nokia Here, etc. all have my address correct and it did not take 29 months.

    If they were able to fix do you not think they would by now? Apparently not.
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    Google has it that right, all the surrounding buildings have the same address too... Your only luck with that is entering the exact address points to the building you are referring to, but that doesn't make the others right, does it.

    Why is it a joke telling others that it takes 6-9 months? That's how it is. It doesn't matter you have a different experince, that's your problem.There might be tons of reasons why is it not fixed.
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    Like I said. Many others report the exact same issues here that I am. The fact that you do not like me sharing my experience with others in a forum that are having similar issues is your problem. I do not need any excuses to share my experience and I will keep doing so until they finally fix the Map Correction that was accepted Feb 2014.

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    The problem is not with you sharing your experience, you can do, since behind your whining you have a valid reason to and it is really not good that they didn't fix it yet.This is a community forum for users, where we try to help each other.
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    @Gitsy365: What is the exact issue with the map there? Done a route planning on Google maps and on MyDrive and the MyDrive route seems faster and shorter:



    Is it not allowed to take the route that MyDrive suggested, or do you have a different result on your device?
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    @Zolst. It's not a route plan error. I know the area, so I know the quickest routes.

    It's an error with the road now going about 100 metres off it old route over a newer and sustantially bigger bridge.

    I like to drive with the app on, even without a route planned, so when the app tells me I'm driving off road, I need to correct it.

    In the first pic you posted, look at the R805. Follow it to ballybogan road. Do it with both map types. Then with google maps, use satellite view just to see how different the area looks now in comparison to how TomTom maps has it.

    I've submitted a report on map sharing. We'll wait and see.
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    Analusia Map urgently needs updating:
    -Village not found (San Bartolomé, near Ubeda)
    -Parts of Highway A4 between Baeza and Cordoba not recognised. Instructions as if on 70km road, erratic "turn right"s.
    -doesnot find street in Pedestrian area (Malaga). A pity if your hotel is there.
    -Tries to send you into forbidden one way streets (Malaga).
    We felt lucky our car is not yet self-driving.... But very frustrating it is.
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    - Do you mean "Caserío de San Bartolomé", just under "El Campillo", which is on their maps?
    - I can see the A4 on the TT map, just like on Google.
    - Which street do you miss in Malaga?
    - Which ones are those one way streets?

    Are you sure that you have the latest map? What is your map version?
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    Why is e6cd8248-2a36-11e6-92b0-005056989cc1 still pending? The change to the R805 in Dublin
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    HI Niall,

    Seems that this report for some reason has not been picked up. I'd recommend to submit it again. I wouldn't recommend linking to the forum for further information but rather to an official source if possible or upload a geo-tagged photo.

    Cheers, Mikko
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    Just been to Prague via Dresden and to be honest the Tomtom maps sucks. Reminded me of my first Pioneer GPS I had 10 years ago and im pretty sure its the same map. (Im not joking)

    And "IQ routes" is a joke. When my location is 2 km from a city ring road why does it insist of sending be through the city in the middle of rush hour?

    I wonder who to contact because the Tomtom crew should really try and use their own crappy software/maps.

    Tomtom got beaten by my Androind phone and the "Here" FREE maps. What a joke Tomtom is.
  • MegalosMegalos Posts: 5,792 Superusers
    Hi Rostad, which map version is currently installed on your device? See here how to find out: http://www.tomtom.com/12214.
  • RostadRostad Posts: 5 [Master Explorer]

    I updated my device the week before i left. The map is "Europe v975.7765 - dated 07/2016"
  • MegalosMegalos Posts: 5,792 Superusers
    Thanks for checking. That's indeed the latest map version. Do you think the ring road would have been faster? The ring could also have long delays. You don't have a TomTom Traffic subscription, right? I'm not sure what is causing the issue here. Personally I find the IQ Routes system (especially in combination with the TomTom Traffic) working pretty well in my case.
  • RostadRostad Posts: 5 [Master Explorer]
    No problemo.

    I KNOW the City ring way is faster and a lot more plesant way to get in and out of Prague. It might be 5-8 km longer but thats nothing compared to Prague inner city in rush hour with trams, pedestrian (tourists) bicycles and cars. Took me 15 min to get out of Prague compared to the 1 hour getting in via Prague Centrum using the Tomtom GPS.

    And again - the Tomtom map had 3 more major errors on the way out of the Czek Republik - where as the free android map "Here" managed to go all the way smooth as h*ll.

    Im still very dissapointed to be honest. I bought the Tomtom even though friends and family said the free android maps is just as good. Its a bummer to find out i've spend my money on something even worse than a free map.
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    City rings are not always the best solution, even in peak times. For example around Budapest, the ring road (M0) is often jammed, especially due to accidents. Sometimes it is much better to go through (especially when it happens on rarely used backroads). Also there are economic factors too. When the price of the fuel is very high, considerably less people are using their cars. It happened exactly in the Budapest example years ago. I could go through with no issues, right at the heart of the peak time (and the TTT was showing traffic on M0). Now the fuel is around 20-25% cheaper than it used to be 3-5 years ago and there are many more cars all around.

    Having said that, the IQR uses data not older than 1 year and it is an average. For "fun", you can try to disable it and plan a route to the same destination to see what the difference is. Also IQR can't cope with recent changes (anything after the map release and now), so say something major happens in the middle of the city (new bicycle route handed over, major pipeworks, etc), since the latest map was released, nor an IQR map neither one without can cope with it. However such issues could have affect on the surrounding ring too.

    Do you recall any of those 3 major map issues? You could compare it with the map on mydrive.tomtom.com and in case those are really incorrect, could report it on the MSR site (link in my signature) for everyone's benefit.

    Edit: Last time I've been around Prague (drove from Munich through Austria, cross Prague, then all across SK and HU), had not a single map error (apart from speedlimits). Mind you, it was around 5 years ago.
  • RostadRostad Posts: 5 [Master Explorer]
    Ive been to Prague 3 times and believe me the city ring way really is the fastest way in and out - especially when you, as in my case, are going to an appartment only 2 km from the specified tunnel. Its faster, more eco-"friendly" and much more economical than going though the city center (unless you drive late evening or night).

    I remember one very well - going straigt on a road looking at a sign that said "Dresden" and with an arrow pointing forward- then the Tomtom wanted me to make a right hand turn. Only, theres no road to the right hand side - only a parking lot. The GPS was really lost. The phone with the free map software had no problems finding the correct way though. Saved me hours to be honest

    Besides the major error in the city the errors where around the city of Teplice.

    I used the GPS two years ago driving 5000 km across Central Europe - Poland, Czek Rep., Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, The Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden and had very few errors - but this trip was a laugh. I will have a hard time trusting this GPS again.
  • ZsoltZsolt Posts: 35,979 Superusers
    Did you cross check those locations on mydrive.tomtom.com? Can you identify the same errors there? It very well might be really a map issue, wouldn't be the first and definitely not the last. Just to see where the issue lies exactly.
  • RostadRostad Posts: 5 [Master Explorer]
    No - and I would not be able to find the exact spots again. Driving, checking road signs and following two GPS where as one is completely off had my full attention.
    Not really interested in doing so either. I would suggest Tomtom to check up on their product instead - after all - it cant be the customers problem to update their maps? I've sent the "complaint" to them - so I would think they will investigate it.... but as I said - I've lost trust in them after this. Next time i'll use my phone as the primary and the Tomtom as secondary and if Tomtom fails again it's going to the junkyard ;)
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