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    zboub75 wrote:
    as well, great to see a bandit studio coming, even in beta.

    Let me describe my use case:
    On Saturday evening I went with my wife for a snowshoe tour, a fondue and sledging to go back. Yes, I live in the alps :-)
    So first I would use my bandit to record some ambiance shots before the walk.
    Then I would spot a few moments during the walk, from 30s to 3m. walking with snow shoes, chalet, woods, etc..
    Then, filming the arriving at the restaurant, the fondue ambiance and the mood around the table.
    Then I would record the full descent on the sledge, in order to capture the full GPS trace. As I don't have any accessories I would leave the camera recording in my pocket and simply take it out and point at something interesting when it happens.

    So on Sunday I tried to do the editing on my mac.
    As there is no elevation or gps tracks on bandit studio yet, I moved to my iPad (sic).

    On the ipad, I spent 3 hours editing with a lot of frustrations, because the instants marked as interesting where not the one interesting:
    - Having simple fixed shoot is not recognized as interesting.
    - Max speed reached during the sledding was with my camera in my pocket.
    - Start of the activity, with the ambiance of the setup is also not seen as interesting.
    and so on...
    Yes, I tag all afterward all the moments in the iPad software, but frankly, it' a pain.
    Plus I want to show different overlay on each shot: one with Altitude, one with trace, one with speed, to illustrate the different moments.
    So far I had to look for an exploit, add a specific overlay, export to the camera roll... and do the final editing in iMovie for iOS...

    That to say that I don't really believe in having a camera being smarter than me to choose the right moments.
    It's a nice addition, but must remains optional.

    And I don't believe that tomtom (or gopro or garmin) has the capabilities / resources / willingness to produce a full fledged video editor. There are specialized tools out there such as fcpx that Tomtom can never compete against (3d titles, cut, multi cam,...), because it's not the focus of the company.
    So I'm planning to continue to use FCPX for my video edition. And I guess a lot of TomTom users are on Mac, using FCPX or iMovie.

    However, there is added value to have all the sensor information available.

    So my requests:
    1. to be able to add overlay on every single exploits or movies (that I call segments) - not only to the full movie
    2. to be able to export easily these movies as individual segments.
    3. to choose between more overlay data.
    4. to have have multiple overlay per segments (altitude + speed for example).
    5. to have different graphs/gauges instead of the current one and to be able to choose the size of the icons (they are way too big).
    6. to generate a map with all the small icon animated s and associated info (max speed, max altitude...) at their respective locations.
    7. to have the GPS to record even if the camera is not recording - so we can have the full trace. At least as an option, I understand the battery life trade off. Yes, I plan to continue to record small segments of video instead of 3 hours of continuous footage, as I can't trust the camera to do better than me. But yes, I plan to continue to use this great camera and use the capabilities related to sensors.
    8. to be able to export GPX file - not KML, this is useless as there is no time information, so no acceleration, no speed, nothing.

    This all I can think of for now.
    And by the way, I had a contour+, a sony actioncam AS100v, a Garmin Virb Elite - that I all sold to get the bandit.
    And I still believe the bandit has a lot of value. Still need some effort on the software side to make it the perfect cam.

    Hope it help, don't hesitate to share my comments directly with the product team - I also work in a major consumer electronic company and I know that the product team love to get direct feedback from consumer.

    Did some editing to make it more readable and correct some mistake.
    I'm happy to share privately the movie I made out of my bandit with the product team to show my usage.
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    I'd suggest cropping. I use the 360mount whilst snowboarding but it seems as though I often bump my head so it often occurs the 360mount moves a little and starts filming the side of my helmet on the edge of my film. Occured several times.

    Basic stabilisation would be a lovely addition..
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    And also, when I press Cmd -Q to quit the application, this is because I want to closer the app.
    Don't ask me if I'm really sure...
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    I keep having the same problem, every time I want to save a video it freezes at 16%.
    I already tried to save it to an external hard drive with enough free space but that won't work.
    Do you have any tips please?
  • Chris
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    Hi, willemeeckhout, could you check if your computer meets the minimum requirements and if so let me know it's specs?
  • willemeeckhout
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    It does. In the meanwhile the problem is solved: I didn't had enough free space on my computer.
    But now I have another problem: my movie in Bandit Studio was 6min25 but after saving it, it was 6min50. And now the music doesn't match the images. Do you have any idea how this is possible?

  • Chris
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    Hi, Willem, I think this is something I have also observed and from what I understand it's being worked on, how many highlights are in your final video?
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    I have a feeling that it was created for just making a simple edit.
    I would be nice to have the following:
    - full clip editor (in stead of force the use of highlights)
    - scale-able time line (with the scroll wheel for instance)
    - somewhere to set the out put parameters (resolution, frame rate, file type etc.)
    - cut and paste options
    - better progress indicator when creating a file. It goes instantly to 16%, then it takes really long, then it show 83% and moments later it is finished.
  • Chris
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    Thanks for your feedback, I have added these to the TomTom Bandit Studio Beta report. Great video!
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    Another nice overlay would be where on the track a person is
    Also nice would be to have multiple overlays (where and speed etc).
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    I totally agree
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    Hi The Civvie, can you tell me what resolution you used for this video??
    Thanks, Karin Bosman
    BTW, I love Ireland, been there several times, three times on the motorbike!!:)
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    first time action cam user and lovin it......second try with it today
  • Chris
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    Sickboards wrote:
    Another nice overlay would be where on the track a person is
    Also nice would be to have multiple overlays (where and speed etc).

    We have this in the iOS app currently so it's on the road map to add to the Studio in the not too distant future.
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    Good morning. I just created a whole video of 2 hours with the Studio. To prolong the videos imported from the highlights I used a method. I moved the window to the side of the screen program, and I stretched the video (by moving the scroll bar each time the end of the video or the beginning) using the whole screen by moving laterally the program window and holding the mouse outside of the window. In doing so the video can also stretch to several seconds and not only of a few seconds. It remains a complicated method but with a little practice the video was ready to be saved in 10 minutes. I have selected only a highlight for each video (I imported my story in just the first of each stretch of videos). I hope I was helpful. Hello.:)
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    I too would like the facility to simply export an entire clip with overlays, rather than just individual highlights. Also is it possible to export a list of the highlights with time codes - so we can edit in FCPX (for example)?

    I would like the altitude to be displayed in feet, rather than yards (when using Miles / MPH as a metric) - or even the possibility to use different measurements for different things - so MPH / Altitude in Metres etc.

    Oh and the GPS trace overlay would be nice as well. Understand that that one's coming...

    I think this could make a nice companion software to the likes of Final Cut Pro. Some functionality to ease the transition between the two would be nice, for instance, the ability to export just the overlays on either a black, white, transparent or green background so they can be turned on or off in the final edit easier, or even run over multiple cameras. I have probably explained that really badly!

    Also, if you could make it so that it's possible to eject the memory card (on the mac version) without having to quit the programme, that would be great too!

    One more thing! (Oh my goodness, I've turned into Colombo), how about a lap timer? Something either similar to, or works with Harry's Lap Timer / Race Chrono etc.
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    Hi Chris & TomTom Team,

    I ran into the same problem mentioned a couple of times above: when saving a longer 'story', the progress bar seems to be stuck at exactly 16%.
    My IT tester side wouldn't let me rest - even during editing free time action videos, how about that :) - so I did some checks in Windows with the saving process running in the background:
    There seems to be a strange correlation between the Studio's CPU usage and the act of using overlays. Tested with the speed and g-force overlays. The test system has a quad-core AMD Phenom II X4 965 + 16 gigs of RAM, running Windows 10.
    - Overlay NOT used: CPU utilization is practically 100% on all 4 CPU cores, disk usage (5-7% on a SSD) seems appropriate to video processing with high volume of read/write operations ( 'trhl1.mp4' temporary file in the AppData\Local\Temp folder) - as a result, the video is compiled in a reasonable timeframe. (A ~10 minute, ~1,2 GB video was done while I grabbed some snack, say around 10 minutes or less.)

    - Overlay (speed) used on the entire video: CPU utilization is hovering around 48-50% on all 4 CPU cores, disk usage is barely visible (0-1 % on the SSD), not really corresponding to video processing (obviously, the above mentioned temp file grows much slower) - as a result, the video is compiled very slow, multiple times longer compared to w/o overlay. (The same ~10 minute video took over an hour to complete.)

    I understand, that adding an overlay to the video requires extra resources, but I suspect the difference shouldn't be this big. Also, the visible drop in CPU utilization seems to point to some rendering issues, maybe buggy codec use.

    I did multiple test runs, having the same result: 'No overlay=100% CPU=acceptable performance' VS. 'Speed overlay=50% CPU=bad performance'. Obviously, on shorter 'story' clips, the time difference is not that huge, but for larger videos it's definitely noticeable and gets worse as the size increases.

    So, the bad news: yes, there seems to be something wrong with overlay rendering in Bandit Studio - hopefully this can be fixed in a future release.
    The good news for the folks above: if you see '16%' (or similar, I've always seen 16, though) on the progress bar for a long time, it's probably not stuck, just very slow - if you want the overlay on your video badly, you'll have to give it time :)
    If you want, you can check in Windows Task Manager to see if the TomTom Bandit Studio process is using some CPU - it's probably still working, just a tad slow. If you're the curious type, check the size (in the file's properties, not just in File Explorer ) of the 'trhl1.mp4' (or similar) temporary file in your ...\AppData\Local\Temp folder a couple of times - it should be growing slowly. It will be ready eventually... (As is usual with temp files, it is removed when the video rendering is complete and the video is saved to the specified location.)

    Hope this helps with the troubleshooting both the TomTom team and users alike.

  • Chris
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    Hi All,

    We have released an update to the TomTom Bandit Studio, you should be notified that an update is available the next time you open the program:

    The Originals tab has been replaced by a Videos and a Photos tab.
    A TomTom Bandit video outro can now be included in your video.
    We have improved fonts in the Windows version.
    The progress of exporting and sharing your video story is now shown more precisely.
    You can now add a 3D G-force overlay.
    Overlays for speed and G-force (2D and 3D) now have more smooth transitions.
    You can now select multiple highlights to add overlays, to mute them or to delete them.
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    Hi Chris the 3D G-force overlay is great, thanks! It really was entertaining to watch it during a recent crash I had.

    Are you working on an overlay to show a course map and progress marker using the GPS data?
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    Hi all,
    how can i add the route in bandit studio?
    I can add only 1 sensor but in this image i can see 4 sensors + route

  • Chris
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    The Bandit Studio is still in Beta and as such we are continually working on improvements, currently the Trail Blazer overlay is only available in the iOS app, but will be added to both the Android app and the Bandit Studio in the near future.
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    Hello Chris,
    I have suggestion for the Bandit Studio beta. Is it possible to add a function in the next update to speed up the video and in slow-motion? The camera itself has a slow motion function but it would also be an added value to add it to the studio. That might be handy when editing the video.
    Regards, Sander
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    Yeah, i'm with Sandaal in this one. That will be 2 good features.

    I have some videos that i'd like to speed up in some parts of the video, and slow down (slow-motion) other parts.
    Also the option to use more than one overlay, and the trail already mentioned would be perfect.

    It would also be interesting being able to customize the overlays design...
  • Chris
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    It's been requested and it's something that's being considered, I think we would only be able to do this to highlights that were shot at a higher frame rate, such as 1080 60 FPS or 720 120FPS/60FPS, playback could then be at 30 fps which would double the length of the clip.
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    Hello,....would it be possible to add more than one soundtrack to a movie please. At present the selected soundtrack loops but I would like the option to add more for variety.
    p.s. lovin the bandit, keep up the good work