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TomTom START 60 not connected to PC

I got a brand new TOMTOM START 60 navi (WNxxxxxxxx(0) (4.7)) with OS 918289 and tried on three different WIN 7 computers to connect it, but failed always in the same way:

1. install TOMTOM HOME 2 software at the WIN 7 PC or notebook

2. log-in to TOMTOM at the HOME 2 software.

3. connect the START 60 to the PC or notebook.

4. the WIN drivers are being successfully installed on the PC or notebook.

5. after connecting the TOMTOM to the PC, there is a PC logon on the naviation.

6. after connecting the TOMTOM to the PC, the HOME 2 software tool shows "No device connected".

Am I doing something wrong?

When I reboot the PC, connect the NAVI and then start HOME 2, the following error message will appear:


ERROR: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIProperties.get]"  nsresult: "0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)"  location: "JS frame :: chrome://tthome/content/logic/settings.js :: anonymous :: line 282"  data: no]

in chrome://tthome/content/logic/settings.js:282


0. chrome://tthome/content/logic/settings.js:282

                this._dataDir = directoryService.get("Pers", CI.nsIFile);

1. chrome://tthome/content/logic/settings.js:257


2. chrome://tthome/content/logic/app.js:38


3. chrome://tthome/content/ui/mainwin/mainWin.js:44


4. function onLoad   chrome://tthome/content/ui/mainwin/mainWin.js:14


5. function onload   chrome://tthome/content/ui/mainwin/mainWin.xul:1


Time: Mon, 09 Jul 2012 12:04:37 GMT


Prompt reply is highly appreciated, since I am soon leaving for holidays by car :-)



  • Lupus1Lupus1 Posts: 4,457 [Elite Voyager]

    you did indeed something wrong. As the Start60 is a NAV3 device it won't be recognized as a removable drive any more but as a network connection. Therefore the HOME application won't work and you'll need the MyTomTom support application instead. That application you'll find using the link below.

    [url="; target="_self][/url]

    After having installed it please make sure the MyTT application is allowed to fully access the internet and isn't blocked by any firewall software. With some firewall software it was necessary to reinstall the firewall software after installing the MyTT application to get it working.

    If you don't have another device that uses the HOME application you may uninstall that application from your computer. The MyTT application works through a webinterface.

    If you owned another device before the Start60 please either create a new account for the new device or call support to remove all content of your old device from your account before linking the Start 60 to that account to prevent data mixups which might render your device unusable otherwise.


    ____________________________________________________TT XLS LIVE IQ Routes Edition (Text-to-Speech)map/Europe_North 875.3613 TT Start 60 map/Europe 910.4964 TT GO 6000map/Europe 926.5515TT Runner Cardio watchTT Home Connect Connect 1.3.9Win8 64bit
    I'm no TT employee but just a customer trying to help
  • anotomanotom Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Thanks Lars for your prompt reply.

    Comparing the features or TT HOME to the TT Support Application I am really disappointed, if the TT HOME does not support the TT START 60 .

    looking at the TOMTOM website it cleary mentioned:

    "TomTom HOME Free download

    For GO, XL, XXL, ONE, START, RIDER and NAVIGATOR 7 devices

    If you have a GO 1000 Series or VIA device, you will need to download [url="; target="_blank]MyTomTom[/url] support application instead"

    So, the START 60 obviously is not a GO 1000 or a VIA device, isn't it?

    Generally I care about backup feature, etc. from the TT HOME tool, which the MyTT SA does not have.

    Is there any way, to use a state of the art communication tool like TT HOME for the TT GO 60 model (which is a brand new model from Tomtom)?

    thanks for your support, buddy!
  • ZsoltZsolt Posts: 36,020 Superusers
    No, you can't use TT HOME at all. It has to be MyTomTom, as it is two completely different kettle of fish.
  • Lupus1Lupus1 Posts: 4,457 [Elite Voyager]

    the announcement for the HOME application speaks about the START. There included is the START² but not the following ones:
    • Start 20 series
    • Start 25 series
    • Start 60 series
    Have a look at how the START/Start is being written. With the older devices every letter was a capital letter but now most letters are lower case.

    I know that differenciation is not a strong point with TT but there are always some small differences.

    You can only use the MyTomTom support application with the Start 60. After a law suit with Microsoft concerning some of MS's FAT32-patents TT decided to use the open source Ethernet-via-USB-interface instead of paying MS large bucks for the use of their patents. At that time they also decided to develop a closed system to prevent software piracy. Therefore you can only backup your own added community content as well as POIs and favourites. The map gets automatically added to your account for later redownload and reinstallation if you change the map. If you install an update of the Navcore application there'll be no possibility to backup the old version as TT wants to have nearly everywhere the same application versions installed to make supporting the devices easier.


    ____________________________________________________TT XLS LIVE IQ Routes Edition (Text-to-Speech)map/Europe_North 875.3613 TT Start 60 map/Europe 910.4964 TT GO 6000map/Europe 926.5515TT Runner Cardio watchTT Home Connect Connect 1.3.9Win8 64bit
    I'm no TT employee but just a customer trying to help
  • ScottwilsonScottwilson Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]

    I've just replace my Live 125 with a shiny new Start 60. It works well but won't connect to my MacBook Pro. I did manage to get it to speak with my PC laptop however but I want to pair it with the MacBook Pro. My TomTom doesn't see it and I'd welcome any suggestions
  • Bemused and PerplexedBemused and Perplexed Posts: 6 [Master Explorer]
    I know this was years ago, but the link doesn't work now...
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 14,970 Superusers
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