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TomTom launches TomTom City as a traffic information source for consumers and professionals

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Amsterdam, 5 April 2016 – TomTom today announced the launch of TomTom City – a new traffic portal that provides live traffic and travel information for consumers and traffic management experts. This new service showcases the extensive range of traffic information available on a city by city basis and will provide a platform to connect traffic authorities, businesses and citizens to jointly manage sustainable and efficient mobility.

TomTom City, which can be found at, is accessible from any internet enabled computer, tablet or smartphone and provides freely accessible content showing live traffic status and incidents and other driver-based information in cities. This will enable consumers to check their journey routes first and plan the best route. Furthermore by also being accessible to traffic management experts, traffic issues can now be dealt with even more quickly. The initial launch of 25 cities in 18 countries will expand to include more cities and products throughout the year.

TomTom City builds on the leading TomTom Traffic information available to TomTom navigation devices and licensing partners in automotive, consumer and government. It also extends the historical congestion information provided through reports such as the TomTom Traffic Index.

Ralf-Peter Schäfer, Head of Traffic at TomTom, said: “TomTom City gives drivers and traffic managers essential insights into the real-time traffic situation and the historical bottlenecks in key cities. This is an important step in our mission to help reduce delays for all drivers. Using data from over 450 million devices* globally we are creating services that will help cities and connected cars work together to optimise the road network.”

As the number of connected vehicles on the road increases over the coming years with the emergence of semi- and highly-automated driving, TomTom City will offer new ways to manage city mobility. Drivers and professionals involved in traffic management can make smarter decisions to avoid delays on the road and reduce congestion for everyone.

[h2]Key Features in TomTom City:[/h2]

[h3]Real Time Traffic Status[/h3]
TomTom City aims to give a quick view of the current traffic condition in the city. The status indicators show the current average speed observed in the city compared to average speed when there is no congestion; a congestion barometer showing relative congestion compared to a free-flowing period; and a snapshot that shows the number of road closures, construction areas and accidents currently in the city. In addition, TomTom City also shows the traffic incidents on a map, and the traffic flow (speed) on a map. All Real Time Traffic information on TomTom City is updated every minute.

[h3]Delay Hotspots[/h3]
TomTom City shows the top congestion bottlenecks recorded in the recent quarterly period. The information is presented as a summary for ‘All Day’ and separately for morning and afternoon peak periods to reflect the periodical traffic conditions in cities. Summary information is presented on a map view and each hotspot can be selected individually to see road segment delay details.

[h3]Road Event Reporter[/h3]
This new web-based tool will help road authorities and other professional operators to inform millions of road users in minutes about events that are affecting the road network and its traffic flows via the TomTom Traffic service. With a few clicks a road authority can report road closures, road works, accidents and other disruptions that are affecting traffic in their local area, now, as well as those planned in the future.

[h3]Cities covered at launch[/h3]


Aarhus (DNK), Amsterdam (NLD), Berlin (DEU), Bordeaux (FRA), Ghent (BEL), Lodz (POL), London (GBR), Montpelier (FRA), Moscow (RUS), Paris (FRA), The Hague (NLD)


Auckland (NZL), Sydney (AUS)


Cape Town (ZAF)


Dubai (ARE), Istanbul (TUR), Riyadh (SAU), Singapore (SGP), Taipei (TWN)


Pittsburgh (USA), Rio de Janeiro (BRA), San Francisco (USA), Sau Paulo (BRA), Toronto (CAN), Vancouver (CAN)

See the full press release here.


  • lojolojo Posts: 333 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Not even a single city I plan to drive any time soon but I hope the access for the system isn't too expensive for road authorities or I imagine road blocks due to special events (sports, demonstrations…) will remain unreported.
  • ZsoltZsolt Posts: 36,011
    I suppose it will expand :)
  • lojolojo Posts: 333 [Apprentice Traveler]
    It has too, the information shown is interesting.
  • acid-dropacid-drop Posts: 116 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    Nice idea.
    But why do we have only so few cities there ?
    Tomtom releases their traffic index with the most congested cities, those should be there !
    Imo, this shouldn't be an app on the side, but part the of traffic index.
  • acid-dropacid-drop Posts: 116 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    I see on the new page : Road Event Reporter
    Is this support to work ? Is it replacing Map share reporter ?
    I can't login
  • lojolojo Posts: 333 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Road event is only for road authorities and professional operators.
  • acid-dropacid-drop Posts: 116 [Renowned Wayfarer]
    If this is for authorities only, it makes no sense that we comment this news.
    But the title "for consumers and professionals" gave me doubts.
  • BerrHunterBerrHunter Posts: 296 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    It makes no sense to give this information to local traffic experts as with my local city council it’s these very people who set traffic signals to be red when there’s nothing going the other way or who create traffic jamming chicanes in roads for no reason at all other than in the hope of getting us out of our cars but we don’t use public transport because it’s too expensive or nonexistent.
  • rob.morabitorob.morabito Posts: 13 [Legendary Explorer]
    Hi, i would like to know if TT routing algorithm already take in considerations this kind of detailed traffic flow. I'll try to explain better: i know that TT routing algorithm take in consideration IQroutes map pattern and over it Traffic live jams. Can tt take in consideration also informations about yellow and orange traffic conditions? (see attached figure)

    Thank you
  • MegalosMegalos Posts: 6,062
    That would be part of the (realtime) TomTom Traffic information as far as I know.
  • riki66riki66 Posts: 432 [Sovereign Trailblazer]
    It doesn't look like it is:

    Tomtom City

    Tomtom My Drive

    Basically almost all yellow and orange lines are missing.
    But, most importantly, a red one (visible on the upper part of the first image) is missing too.
    It would be great to hear from tomtom about this.
    I just hope it's not because they want to keep data usage down...... i'd rather use 20-30MB everyday and have the detailed traffic info available on "tomtom city".

    On a side note, when will Milan (one of the most congested city in Italy) be added???
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