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Logical? To ask a question I start a new topic - maybe you can change that to 'ask a question'. this is typical of the interface that infuriates me.

Too many hardly used functions and not enough useful functions. Eg how about a reverse route button, or plan a route with stops and save to favorites before I go. Or program routes on a PC/Mac and add to the Tomtom (I know there's software but I'm not a PhdCoder, and it reminds me of hacking in the 80s). Or save routes to the cloud to share between my tomtom iphone app and a PC and a GPS?


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    Hi manxman,

    On forums questions are usually asked by starting a new topic. However, all topics are not always questions. This is why there's an option to mark your topic as a question. For more advise on how to use the forum, please see the How-to board.

    As I mentioned in your other topic, your device doesn't support saving routes. Unfortunately, your device is no longer developed. Our new devices, however, do support saving routes and importing/sharing destinations and we provide improvements and new features for the in software updates.

    Cheers, Mikko