Forum - cant sign in on my other computer.

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I have been logging in with the right hand computer and lately has been logging in sweetly on its own which is a big improvement.
Now I am going to use the left hand computer with the bigger screen I got a problem.

I looked at my many user names and passwords for everything you do tomtom and figured the one with the email address that I get notifications emailed to me must be the one - wrong!!!

It wanted the one assigned to the device so I used that one and it accepeted it so then it wanted my user name so I typed in the one I use for everything "keithcurtis" and I get a message it has been used.
Been into my settings and can find no reference to my login details not even the email which I would like to change anyway.
Now when I try going back and logging in from scratch I don't get an option to try another email but goes straight to user name (hence the temp one)

Now feeling frustrated and more than a little peed off as all I wanted to do was answer a forum post. Fast losing the will to live and thinking it is time to give up on all this tomtom forum stuff!!!!!


  • dhn
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    Call Customer Support and perhaps they can straighten out the account information.
    United Kingdom

    02079 490 134

    Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

    Also, what happens if you clear the cache, internet cookies, etc. from the problematic computer?
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    Cheers, I will try ringing them first. Having the right info is a good place to start and in my settings I can't even find what email address I am using. Cookies are actually quite useful and clearing them would be a pain logging into all my other stuff ;)
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    Thanks for the phone number dhn
    The lady went and had a chat and found she could not access my info so could not tell me my email address but suggested use the "forgot password" option using all my emails in turn

    Funny thing was it was the orginal email that I expected it to be so I don't know why it would not accept it.
    Main thing is I am here with my proper user name on the best computer :)
    Thanks again for your advice.
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    Hi keithcurtis

    Had a simular thing happen when I got back to the forum after a long absence.
    I used a email address with TomTom that had a Capital letter then a stop and so on it looked a bit like this (X???.X.X?????.com) Yes I know many people have told me over the years that it will not matter to mix Cap and lower in an email address and it is OK but wait may be not with TomTom.

    Got In a loop to sort it out so rang CS was told only to use lower case. Well to my surprise as long as I use lower case I have not had a problem logging to the FORUM.

    Please note as long as I use lower to log into the Forum it is fine. While it would appear that thru MDC that (X???.X.X?????.com) will also work.

    Strange yes but this seems to be the fun of the game.


  • MikkoK
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    Hi all,

    Thanks all for your feedback regarding logging in!

    Customer Service can in most cases help you with these issues. Regarding logging into the forum, however, they also need the forum Staff's assistance. I would therefore advise in such cases to either PM me (if possible) or email [email protected] Don't forget to mention your username as we currently cannot find your account with email address.

    Cheers, Mikko
  • keithcurtis
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    Thanks Mikko, I have added that email address to my long list of important information for future reference ;)