Can't update my SD Card for my 2016 Mazda CX6

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I received an email to update my navigation system in my car so I pulled out my SD card and I tried to figure out how to update and its telling me to connect my device. I can't connect my car :) plus it told me to put my SD card in my card reader in my computer, so please tell me how do I update my SD card?



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    First: Install the MyDrive application on to your desktop or Laptop computer. Then register your details to set up an account, if you do not already have one. Sign to that account.
    Second: If your Desktop or Laptop does not have an SD card reader port, you will need to buy an SD card reader adapter. Scandisk are one of the companies who produce these, they are not expensive.
    Third: Plug the adapter into a USB port on your computer. Then slip in the SD card from your car. It will be recognised and hopefully update.

    On my Smart Car only one map update was included, despite having three years live services (speed camera, weather updates etc).

    I hope this helps.
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    Hi all,

    The Mazda NB1 is updated with TomTom HOME. Instructions can be found here [support FAQ - How to update software of device]. The FAQ is made for portable navigation devices but after inserting the SD card to your computer's SD card reader (instead of "connecting device") the rest of the process is mostly identical. The only difference is that after installing an software update (TomTom Application) on the SD card you'll need to insert the SD card into the device and start your car to install the update on the device itself.

    For more information about updates, please see

    Update options for your navigation device

    Cheers, Mikko
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    I'm having the exact same problem. The answers above have not helped me at all. I installed TomTom Home, but cannot get past the "Please Connect Your Device" screen. I've inserted the card into the SD slot and.... nothing. It just sits there, telling me to connect my device. My computer can see the SD card, but TomTom Home can't.
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    I've tried the TomTom Home 2 software and the My Drive Connect software and neither one recognizes the SD card. Windows 10 does recognize the card and I have no issue reading files from the card. I've searched and found several things to try but none have worked either. There is obviously an issue with their software given the number of complaints.
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    Glad I'm not the only one. I must have spent two hours yesterday trolling through the forums, trying various things that were supposed to work, but (like you) I had no luck. I'm even more frustrated with Mazda. When I bought the car, they told me they'd always update the system when I had routine maintenance/service. And for the first year or two, they did. But now they say they never told me that, and that it's all my responsibility. But of course, I can't, so the nav system is somewhat worthless at this point.

    Anyway... thanks for responding. :-)
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    Mazda told me that they would do the update when they do the service, but now they are instructing me to go to TomTom for the update.

    I found that the instructions to load the TomTom home added a completely worthless application on my computer. It will not recognize my Mazda SD card. I have tried every possible variation of inserting the card where I starting either one first. My computer recognizes the card.

    I used the instructions in the link below, but I never get a loopdir installed on my card.

    Frankly this is a major screw-up by Mazda and TomTom and it makes both of them look completely incompetent especially for the price of the navigation that they charged. I have been a professional in the world of software and smart devices, and my analysis is that this is a classic example of failed system delivery of a product and I give both companies an F- grade for the product. The other day I had to tape my Phone in front of the Mazda screen and use Google Maps to get to an address that I could NOT enter in ANY manner using the TomTom interface. I am a customer who is now an active poison marketing source for both companies because of the cavalier incompetent product support and the lack of quality of the product.
  • Aly Ibrahim
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    I have the same issue, I am not able to update my maps, the TomTom Home couldn't detect the memory card although I can see it from my computer.
    In the dealership they are saying it is my responsibility to update the maps.
    Any workaround to get this to work?
    My maps are out of date now ..
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    I had the same problem, I have a 2016 Mazda CX-3. I rebuilt my laptop and forgot which software Mazda uses to install updates. I tried the TomTom software but it wouldn't recognize my sd card. I dug around and finally realized I had to use the Mazda Tookbox application to install my free map updates. The link to the software is below, hopefully this will help you out.