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Which features will be added in the future to the GO Mobile for iPhone app?



  • RobodonsterRobodonster Posts: 23 [Outstanding Explorer]
    My Drive sync will be my choice and avoid road block
  • RobodonsterRobodonster Posts: 23 [Outstanding Explorer]
    adetri wrote:
    MikkoK wrote:
    We have recently released the first version of our brand-new navigation app for iPhone, and a few things might still be missing. We are working hard to release updates of the app in the future, and we aim to introduce additional features with each update.

    Here are a couple of features in no particular order, that we are working on with priority:

    - Navigate to contacts
    - Waypoints (add stops to your route)
    - Show alternative routes
    - Map error reporting
    - Avoid roadblock
    - Map updates
    - MyDrive Sync (sync with TomTom MyDrive to safely back-up and restore your favorite places and import community POIs).

    Please note, that the above is not in an order of priority and we cannot give time tables of when they'd be available. However, we'd be happy to hear which feature you find important in a navigation app :D

    Excellent to hear TomTom are working on these features. The new app has a lot of promise and I'm looking forward to the seeing it improve.

    Same here
  • tgoldtgold Posts: 2,066 [Supreme Pioneer]
    MikkoK wrote:
    Here are a couple of features in no particular order, that we are working on with priority
    Please post information on planed priority repairs and improvements for the Android app to its forum.
  • dickmeredithdickmeredith Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    So many features missing - who sanctioned this release? Mine won't even connect to a GPS signal for 5 mins after opening. How can you produce such great apps and then settle for this? It's embarrassing.
  • GordMGordM Posts: 50 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    Would be nice to have a timetable as to when the improvements will roll out.
  • Gambit12Gambit12 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    A mode for larger vehicles (trucks, RVs etc.) to avoid restricted roads(weight limit etc.) and low bridges based on vehicle length, weight and height.
  • Gambit12Gambit12 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Domik wrote:
    Please add personal language settings. We do not want our phone language to be the default ignoring country (street name pronunciation) or personal preference. The sentiment of "your app knows best" is rubbish to power users.

  • PistonPetePistonPete Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Ffffff wrote:
    Please add the functionality to navigate home in one or two clicks

    Hi. I tried this and it takes 3 clicks and a slide (for my places) Agree though that it should ideally be easier, like in the old app.
  • PistonPetePistonPete Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    On my old dedicated TomTom satnav, there was loads you could do, including making favourites folders and being able to off line edit stuff and resave it using TomTom Home software, or even explorer if you knew what you were doing.

    Then along came the iphone app and, it was less functional, but I was still able to do some POI editing etc, with a bit of a faff and using 3rd party iphone software.

    I've just downloaded the new TomTom Go app and I have to say that at the moment, Google Maps is probably better.

    Please PLEASE can we get back to where you were 10 years ago with loads of features and functionality.

    I need all the features you've listed which are missing and I don't mind paying for things, nothing is free. A brilliant TomTom app that you pay for but does everything, is better than a free app that doesn't do anything but pee you off.

    I'm sticking to the old app for now and will maybe look around for a better solution that does what I want/need.

    It's not just TomTom. It seems that everything I use these days gets downgraded every time there's an "Upgrade" Spotify is a case in point.

    Find out what the customers want, give it to them, they WILL pay.
  • croylescroyles Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    OK this is going to sound harsh - but did you do any UAT at all? There are a wealth of features that I use every single trip that are just missing.

    1. A list of historical routes (Recent Destinations is buried in My Places ... WHY?)

    2. Separate out address from POI - the smart search is a nice idea - BUT DOES NOT WORK - watch somebody use it, record them, break down how they think and the journey they take and learn from your mistakes. For example, try navigating to MK Center (The HUGE shopping centre) in Milton Keynes. (Spelling error intentional for those that spot it) - works on the previous app flawlessly.

    3. In London the 3D buildings are a HUGE distraction. OK for landmarks but why EVERY SINGLE BUILDING. Set a hight limit and only show land-marks. (In fact is there any way to switch 3D buildings off at all?)
  • BrandroverBrandrover Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I just had a short holiday with 1400 km of driving, here are my remarks:

    1. Map can't be moved once navigation has started. Please add the option to move the map around and after a few seconds return to the current location (arrow in the middle). At the moment I need to click on a gas station and then move the map. Serious shortcoming.

    2. I have seen "road becomes narrower" symbols, exclamation marks, car on the side, car on the wheels but no idea what the differences are. Of course I can imagine but it is confusing

    3. No possibility to navigate around a traffic jam

    4. Translucent numbers are hard to read, was much better in old app

    5. The route is shown only for a very short time before navigation starts. I want to be able to move the route, zoom in, zoom out and fully understand before starting to drive

    6. I want to see route options like Goolge Maps is doing. 3 options for example.

    7. I can't swipe the bar on the right side up and down to see what's coming

    8. Why show delay of seconds in the right top corner. 34 seconds with 590 km ahead....really?

    Possibly I forgot a few but these are the most important.
  • JazzyOzJazzyOz Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Changing POI's is so needed!! Good luck!!
  • Hitting BillHitting Bill Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    When there is not an upgrade, it is a new navigator, it must necessarily not all the Old features be included !
    As about 95% of users want to have a simpel navigator as, you Are in point A and want to drive to point B.
    This has been solved in a smoothie manner !
    I would have it even easier and road worthly. Thinking of Siri function... it would be enought to just say " navigator to (address )" and With a few simpel acoustic check points you would eventually get Quick access to the "here we Go"
    // sorry for My bad English //
  • hildepe1hildepe1 Posts: 20 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    As a long time TomTom user starting with cheapest TomTom ONE car navigator and going from there through several iterations up to TomTom Western Europe app for iOS (including yearly subscriptions of traffic and safety cams followed by monthly ones), and now having trialed TomTom GO for iOS, I must ask... what's the point of the new app? It's radically different looking and behaving app compared to earlier version, and comes with (maybe) sleeker look and be it then whatever backend optimizations blaablaa..

    However, at the same time it's so severely lacking all the features that actually made TomTom worthy companion for me, it's just maddening.

    The thing is, for quite some time I've been running Waze and TomTom side by side, comparing how well they perform with routing or how accurate estimates they provide, how easy it is to find places, navigate, etc. It was only specific situations where I found Waze lacking and rather chose TomTom, for example:

    1) lack of cellular data (= offline maps)
    2) better selection of POIs
    3) Stopovers
    4) Advanced routing types
    5) Distance (Waze servers simply die trying to prepare route from Brussels to Madrid whereas TomTom crunches through with no effort)

    With the most recent version - WTF. TomTom pretty much killed everything that made it advanced and brought the app to the level of Waze ripoff with harder to use interface. Actually, this started already with the last TomTom VIA I bought as final stand alone piece of hardware, as using the already simplified interface made it actually more annoying and horribly slow compared to simple ONE series from the past. Now the same story is unfolding with new rebuilt TomTom mobile apps.

    Seriously, having seen the GO, I don't see absolutely any reason to use it and instead jump the ship fully to Waze. I still use occasionally TomTom Western Europe - again due to specific issues sometime coming along with Waze, but otherwise I use it more for nostalgic reasons.

    It's a pity TomTom is ruining the experience with supposedly sleek but horribly lacking app feature wise. And also, I'm not so convinced at all whether the UI is improved at all compared to old archaic one. It could be I'm just so used to the old way how TomTom worked, that alone makes any changes an annoyance for me.

    And then there's the size. Seriously.

  • Ainsley001Ainsley001 Posts: 35 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Manual re-routing. The ability to tell Go to take a different route around an obstacle that GO doesn't know about (or just to manually choose to use a different route) is ESSENTIAL, so much so that I can't imagine why it would be released without it. The day I first used it I encountered a closed tunnel that the app didn't have as a traffic issue and it was consistently trying to route me back in a circle to the closed tunnel. Fortunately I was actually on home ground so I knew the way, but if I hadn't been it would have been ridiculous. Needs sorting fast. It may not be feature of other free apps either (I've only used Tom Tom for about 15 years) but needs to be fixed regardless
  • GM1GM1 Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Please add a scenic route option to the route type list? I used the 'winding roads' feature for this, which is missing in new app (needless to say). However, even in old app it could have been better. A route option that selects more beautiful roads for a relaxing drive please. Thanks.
  • wvbwvb Posts: 5 [Master Explorer]
    Before my points I want to say overall I like the application very much. I have bought TomTom traffic every year for many years now, so for me the new pricing is a step forward, especially with the three years free.

    My wish list:
    1. Volume control! When listening to podcasts/music the warnings and instructions are too loud
    2. Choose to play warnings and instructions on phone speaker while still listening to podcasts/music over bluetooth. In the old TomTom app this was possible, not anymore.
    3. When planning a route, give a clear indication when a different route is planned based on traffic conditions. Now when I start sometimes a different route than expected is planned without indication. When traffic conditions change during a trip the app tells a faster route is found, but not when starting navigation.
    4. Ability to turn off petrol stations and parking in the traffic bar. Unnecessary clutter.
    5. Ability to change the language independent of the phone language. I prefer my Phone in English, but want Dutch voice in TomTom. In the old app I could choose a simple Dutch voice, but not in the new app.
    6. Ability to turn of 3d buildings. It looks nice, but sometimes it is confusing and hides the road especially when a road goes under buildings (Rotterdam cube houses for example.)
    7. Simpler choosing of a favourite destination. In the old app it took 3 steps to choose a destination from favourites with big, finger friendly controls. The new app takes 4 steps, with the last step a wait for the map to scroll to position and pressing a very small button to start navigation.
  • MikkoKMikkoK Posts: 23,905 Retired Community Managers and Staff
    Hi all,

    Thanks for the abundant feedback! :D

    I've logged this all and will be reporting it to the product team. I'll keep an eye on this topic so keep your feedback coming!

    Cheers, Mikko
  • Grahamc181Grahamc181 Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I have used TomTom for many years and have a Via 110 as a back up that i keep in the back of the car for emergencies but use the old phone app and have used it since owning a iphone 5 a few years ago - This new app is very nice to look at (but why are the settings icons so huge - unnecessary scrolling) Alternative routes is an absolute must for me - crazy its not included, I live 25 miles south of J5 of the M25 and know that there is 6 miles difference between going north via the Dartford crossing to get to the M1 and going via Heathrow - TomTom GO keeps telling me to use the Dartford Crossing and i know the other way is faster and better especially if you need to divert - Android TomTom Go app have got this already and have for some time - i have gone back to using Here maps app until its included - shame as TomTom Go has all the makings of being a very good app if the above is to be included but TomTom are not the best known for releasing regulator updates and I am not going to wait 6 months or a year for the above to be released when there are very good apps out there that already have it - just cant understand why a Sat Nav manufacturer as bigger name as TomTom would release this very very basic app and drive long term TomTom users away !!!! Some "Upgrade" !!
  • Princess83Princess83 Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    - add stops on your route (absolutely my #1!)
    - avoid certain parts of route (e.g. Main Street). I have to avoid a 'bad' neighbourhood on a regular route, and yes, it's the fastest to drive through there but I just don't want to.
    Both features were magnificent in the previous app, don't 'improve' them, just add!!
    Thank you lots!!
  • DveGosDveGos Posts: 36 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Me too - makes me feel totom estimate my "Lifetime" expectation to be about 3 years even though I bought a "Lifetime" version with updates... What happened to the days when a company selling on a promise who then reneged on the promise got hauled over by authorities for mis-selling?
  • Andre OliveiraAndre Oliveira Posts: 7 [Legendary Explorer]
    With this pace when the actual app have old features will end the 3 years free.

    More, why android version is better to our version?
  • B-CruelB-Cruel Posts: 5 [Master Traveler]
    The Good:
    This app fixed some of my biggest complaints with the old TomTom app.
    The smart search to add addresses or POI's is great, although I'd rather not need to choose address or POI. I'd rather just be able to type and go, like every other map app out there. I like that the smart search is now capable of finding local businesses, unlike the old app when I had to search for what I was looking for in google maps, copy the address, and paste it into TomTom.
    The new map layout is better, easier to see where you are. Especially at the start of a route when the app may be turned around it's much easier to see if you're turning the right direction from the start. The overview is movable which is nice and the layout of the map mid navigation is clearer and more detailed. I really appreciate the bubble at the top that shows you what your next instruction is in advance. And I LOVE the option to automatically take the faster route as opposed to the old app where you had to hit select to take the faster route. (I mostly use navigation while on a motorcycle and can't always hit select)
    It seems like the new app is better at adjusting to avoid traffic than the old app although it seems strange considering the traffic reporting is probably the same system.
    Now for the bad:
    I'll start with the downright dangerous. Often, if not every time, this app stays silent on the highway until 1/2 a mile from your exit. Which means if you're on the freeway for a while, in the left lane and looking at the road instead of your phone (which is where you should be looking btw) this app only gives you 1/2 a mile to cross 4 or more lanes of traffic to make your exit. I usually keep my phone in my pocket and away from the elements (again the motorcycle thing) I have missed every exit while using this new app. The old app talks more, but has really great verbal lane suggestions. I knew when it told me to stay in the right lane that my exit was approaching in about 2 miles. Also, this new app often chooses odd street names for the exits. Not the name on the highway sign, but often some side street near the mouth of the off ramp. The old app is also much clearer without forcing you to look at your phone about instructing you where to go at freeway junctions merging 3 or more freeways. Navigation systems should assist you in keeping your eyes and mind on the road, not adding another distraction from it.
    Where did all the route options from the old app go? Bicycle, Winding roads (with a minimum, medium, maximum windiness) Avoid Interstates, travel via X. TomTom Go has only 2 choices that I can remember.
    And where did all the settings go? Adjustable voice command volume, (you know, in case you also play music through your phone like just about every person I've ever met and don't want the navigation lady screaming at you when she jumps in). Or the ability to pause the music instead of muting.
    I've also noticed some strange tendencies with the new app (possibly thinking it's avoiding traffic) but it will sometimes instruct me to exit and reenter a freeway multiple times along a route. Which, while it might have less traffic, isn't saving me time if I have to wait at a light at the bottom of the off ramp.

    To summarize a really long (but hopefully helpful) review. I think you'd have been better off improving some of the flaws from the old app instead of starting over from scratch with this one. With the countless free navigation apps out there (Google, apple maps, Waze) the only reason to pay for one is that it is clearly superior to the others. Waze has the best traffic info, Google has the best search features, apple maps is there for iPhone users without needing to take up extra space on your iPhone. I used the old TomTom app despite its many annoyances and additional steps and clunky interface, because on a motorcycle, with the phone in my pocket, without the ability to even glance at the screen the commands where thorough, clear, and came with enough warning to act on them. This new app has nothing over the free ones. Please take the graphics and UI of this new app, integrate it into the old app and toss this one.

    Side note (TomTom provides traffic updating for Apple maps, can't Apple provide business, POI data, and smart search code to TomTom?)
  • RicardoF1RSTRicardoF1RST Posts: 5 [Master Traveler]
    All of the above plus:

    With the old TTNAV I could read the shape of the road ahead. So I could deduce corner angle slow/medium/fast etc on an unknown road. The 3D view on GO appears to manipulate the perspective in a non-linear way which causes bends in the road to be smoothed as you approach them. This has the effect of visually stretching out corners as you approach them making tight corners seem faster.

    Also, I don't see the point of the 3D buildings at all. When driving you are not site seeing. We need just essential detail, to keep the display uncluttered - the design team need to read up on jet fighter situation awareness and consider driving rather than staring out of windows at the scenery!

    I get the impression TomTom are trying to compete with the opposition and have forgotten why they dominate the market - it's because you are different so stop trying to be the same!!!
  • simonsisimonsi Posts: 3 [Neophyte Traveler]
    Going back to the old App because:

    No migration of Favourites - how much time do you want your user-base to waste doing this?
    Basic features missing (eg cloud sync) that were on the previous App

    Seriously misleading to call this an "upgrade", you should look up the meaning of that word.

    Not impressed.
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