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Which features will be added in the future to the GO Mobile for iPhone app?



  • Martijn684Martijn684 Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Let me start by saying that TomTom is by far my favourite navigation software.
    I use it nearly daily to go to work and avoid traffic as much as possible. Great to hear that CarPlay support is coming! Still, I have some other suggestions for improvement:

    1. Commuter mode: show the route without spoken instructions - unless there is a traffic jam: then actively navigate the driver around it, until the normal route has been resumed. The Discover Media navigation has this feature, and it is really useful for commuters!

    2. When TomTom tells me to take an exit towards the some highway - e.g. the "A15", I also want to see in what direction (e.g. towards Rotterdam) because many times there are two ramps to the "A15", leading in opposite directions.

    3. TomTom will show the next turn many kilometers in advance - which is good. However, it does not say _which turn_ (e.g. towards highway "A15" or towards byway) until last few kilometers. When traffic is heavy, that is much too late!

    4. When merging onto a highway, do not keep showing this fullscreen image counting down to zero meters. Where else can I go? I want to know what to do next: the following action may be less than a few kilometers ahead... I like to see not only the first action to take, but also (smaller) the next.

    5. Sometimes, TomTom directs me off the highway, only to direct me back to it about a kilometer further. This is the kind of behavior that _causes_ traffic jams, and I think TomTom should avoid making such silly suggestions. Maybe introducing a small 'time penalty' for each road-change into the calculation algorithm would already help.

    6. Do not show delays less than a minute as a value with a tiny "seconds" label,
    but as "< 1 minute" - or use a different color, e.g. yellow. Now, when I see a value of like '30', my first reaction is "whoah - lot's of traffic!" - until I squint and see the tiny seconds label.
  • bbembeddedbbembedded Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I too would like to integrate TomTom with our App. Please add x-callback URL schemes for:
    • Launching TomTom without interrupting on going Navigation
    • Open Waypoint
    • Navigate to Waypoint/Address
  • CC Posts: 10 [Master Explorer]
    I´m sorely missing the sync of "My routes" and "My POIs" using MyDrive. This and the still missing URL schemes support would make the app a nearly perfect (probably the best available) iOS navigation app on this planet!

  • Christian_MChristian_M Posts: 1 [New Traveler]
    Support for HUD - Heads Up Display. As driver safety is very important to me, I have decided to get a HUD for my new car. As the HUD uses a reflection of the phone screen, the phone screen needs to be a mirror image. This feature is yet missing in the TomTom Go App and would be a great feature to improve road safety as the eyes are on the road whilst still being able to see the navigation instructions.
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