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Hi. Just started playing around with some highlights to create a movie. There are a few issues I've encountered (apologies if I'm going over old ground) and some feedback which may be worth considering.

1. Some video clips did not record with audio/sound (i.e when replaying the video it's as if it was recorded in mute). Any thoughts on why this may have occurred?

Bandit Studio
1. When creating a movie with a soundtrack the audio was not in sync with the clip (i.e the corresponding sound played with a completely unrelated clip several seconds apart). Also, the music just ceased playing with about 30 seconds of video remaining (song 8.30mins against a movie of 3.14mins). Any thoughts on why this may have occurred?
2. Inability to flip the video image is a major drawback
3. Incompatibility with other video clips (trying to create a 'best of' with my mates gopro footage isn't possible and that's a shame). I know I could just use a different editing prog. but is there an app/prog. that can convert other files to tomtom compatible so I can use his and my files in the Studio app?
4. Being able to vary the clip audio and soundtrack volume would be a good feature (i.e have the music sound lower over a part in a clip where the audio would be good to hear clearly)
5. Being able to change the speed of the clip and running it in reverse would be a good feature (especially being able to slow-mo the clip in the app).

Any tips or comments would be much appreciated. On a side note, when is the anticipated roll-out date of the final app?




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    Thanks for the feedback these are great suggestions!

    As for the two issues you mentioned, if the video files aren't playing back with sound can you try opening these videos in another media player to check, this will help identify if the issue is with the Bandit Studio or something to do with the set up of the camera during recording.

    When the audio was not in sync, was this in the Bandit Studio during the editing phase or in the final completed video?
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    Hi Chris, thanks for your response.

    I opened the file in another media player and the sound was also it possible to accidentally mute a recording? The recording before and after (within a couple of minutes of each other) both have sound.

    I can confirm that the audio is in sync during editing, it's just when the final movie is created that it falls out of time. I have also noticed that during editing the clips often skip or freeze as the track is playing in the background....doesn't seem to happen without the music playing though.
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    Hi swiss_sheep,

    is it possible that this video w/o sound was taken in time-lapse mode. That mode doesn't record sound with video. The only other thing coming to my mind is that for that video you were using waterproof lens, which, i'm pretty sure, you would remember of. :)
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