UNWANTED file split after approx 15 Minutes of Recording!



  • Senpai70Senpai70 Posts: 3 [Neophyte Traveler]
    I vote for an "expert settings" to disable (and/or increase) the file split. Of course it's easier to add the join feature to the Studio app...
    While waiting I used my usual tools (ffmpeg) to try to join the mp4 files:

    ffmpeg -i 'concat:/Volumes/TT_CAM/DCIM/100TTCAM/M0010009.mp4|/Volumes/TT_CAM/DCIM/100TTCAM/M0010010.mp4' -c copy out.mp4

    This normally works but in this case no luck... that means that in my first real usage if the camera I lost the ability to render a lap (splitted across files). Editing in a way that re-encodes the video is a no go because will lower quality and ruin the actual timing (cents of a second matter on track especially if you use an external GPS with 10Hz or higher refresh rate).
    I also use the Bandit on track in my car and having the possibility to control directly the cam from an app would be wonderful (currently there is a lot of support for... you know what).
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