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I have seen quite many topics on issues where there are TT server problems, problems with map share, speed cameras, map downloads, purchase problems, major software problems, planned service etc.

So I suggest some kind of dashboard in the forum to get an overview of above (there are likely more to come!).
There could be a colored lamp in front of each area and a text information around it with further information, like estimated solution time. I think it's important to scope it right, so it doesn't become a forum in the forum.

What do you think?


  • MikkoK
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    Hi parsd51,

    Great suggestion! :D We've had the idea pop up a few times before and I personally think it would be cool to have. In case we have a persistent bug, outage or other game breaker for our customers, we announce them on the support pages, with the relevant work around or solution.

    Unfortunately the systems, like the one you suggest, are rather cumbersome to update and maintain, plus we solve specific outages very fast - and others not so fast. In the past we decided to not include something like it on the community, but I'm happy to take it up again with the required stakeholders. Don't hold your breath though ;)

    Cheers, Mikko