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walkerxwalkerx Posts: 319 [Supreme Navigator]
On using the app I have noticed that the voice directions are quieter than expected, even the 3 beeps for speed cameras before the voice alert are a lot higher than the spoken information.

All other media apps have full audio and are a lot louder at 50% of the volume compared to the tomtom app


  • IanS100IanS100 Posts: 302 [Supreme Navigator]
    Have you tried turning up the volume within the app?
  • walkerxwalkerx Posts: 319 [Supreme Navigator]
    yes, it would suggest you have not read my post properly as stated the 3 beeps before the audio are a lot louder
  • IanS100IanS100 Posts: 302 [Supreme Navigator]
    I'm sorry for trying to be helpful, I'll refrain from making any further comments or suggestions!
  • Linal1938Linal1938 Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Sadly this problem exists for a long time (since the old Android app). It is impossible to hear the navigation voice while listening to music on the Android device, because the audio level of the voices are absolutely silent in comparison to other sounds. Sometimes even the driving sounds drawn out the TomTom navigation voice (volume is at maximum level). It's quite annoying, but I think this will never be fixed.
  • GlimWasGlimWas Posts: 6 [Master Traveler]
    I have an other issue with the android app; i use the app on my motorcycle on long tours abroad and use the audio out for my spotify playlist as wel as the spoken directions .
    The problem is that the volume of the directions differs from the volume of the music and the result is that i , every time the directions come on, have a scare because the sound of the voice is much louder than the audio, wich ever source i use, internet radio or spotify...
    It would be very useful to disconnect the app audio from the system audio on android.
    This to prevent me having a heart failure(just kidding) every time Bram or whom ever speaks........
  • PinkmanPinkman Posts: 7 [Master Explorer]
    I ride a motorcycle and use Tomtom Go mobile and spotify. If you go to settings, voice and set the output channel to be "Voice call channel" and lower the volume in the TomTom app you should avoid the heart attacks.
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