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GPS (GPX file) data extraction from video file



  • gl00gl00 Posts: 965 [Revered Pioneer]
    neat ! that's a lot of stuff I really wanted ! :) I'll give it a try ;)
  • GISDoktorGISDoktor Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Great Job! the KMLs are still jagged, but GPX is wonderful smooth. Well done! :)
  • gfieldsgfields Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]

    I'm new to this forum and to the Bandit, but have some experience with other cameras and extracting the GPS data.
    I am interested in the extraction of GPS data as we convert the coordinates to linear reference for display.
    I work in a corporate environment where software installation is not possible. With all of the other cameras we use I can retrieve the GPS data directly from log files or from the video stream. This is most often in the format of NMEA sentences (GPGGA, and GPRMC) which provides all of the data requested here (dates, speed over ground, bearing etc) in a standard format.
    One of the problems I have experienced is when the camera is recording before a GPS fix is established. Some cameras record all sentences and others only record when there is a fix, making it difficult to synchronise data to video.
    Having looked at the Bandit data files I see that the KML coordinates are badly rounded as previously mentioned, and the GPX provides a very reasonable 6 decimal places, but is only reporting after the fix is obtained. Both provide very limited attributes.
    The log file looks to be the most useful file to parse for my purposes, but could someone enlighten me as to the origin of the time_secs field, as this would be useful.
    Also since the developers seem to be open to suggestions, perhaps saving the log to the camera with the video file could be considered so I don't have to take it home to extract.

    Thanks for any assistance

  • MariusMarinusMariusMarinus Posts: 21 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Fantastic work TomTom! GPX is a lot smoother now and usable! Very happy with it!!
    Thanks alot
  • Don46Don46 Posts: 7 [Legendary Explorer]

    Recently got the TomTom Bandit and very excited to synchronize data in Dashware. Decided to research first and do a short test clip with the HR belt. I see HR in the TomTom Bandit Studio which is great, but I'm used to using Dashware for other information as I use my cameras on the race track and then do my final edits in Adobe Premiere Elements.

    I have the latest TomTom Bandit Studio software which includes the GPX file export option. Problem is, importing it into Dashware it gives a result of "NaN" under heart rate field which I'm guessing is not applicable as everything I fiddled with brings up no heart rate on the overlay.

    Is anyone able to assist with this?
  • Don46Don46 Posts: 7 [Legendary Explorer]
    Edit: To add also in Dashware I get no speed either..
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