Start 60, not holding charge

Might of been suffering with this from new, I can charge the Start 60 via mains supply for two hours. Then I transfer it to the car. I connect via the provided usb cable and in car charger hoping it will keep the device topped up. Most occasions it doesn't last very long at all and just turns off. I have swapped to alternative usb cables, also from the cigarette lighter adapter to in car USB. I cannot predict when it will just give up on me.

Often with some switching off and on, it will regain life but at this point if I remove any power it will then say out of battery. I was thinking that the Tom Tom charger was at fault and is the only one I should use, but surely swapping to any usb lead should produce some stability? Anyhow I am now in possession of an unreliable sat nav that just gives up on me. Its about 8 months old and thankfully I don't use it much. Any help will be appreciated.


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    I'd call support if it is still under warranty. The charge received by a usb port in a car will not be enough to both operate the device and keep it charged. The cable that came with the device is supposed to do that --- IF the cig lighter outlet is indeed operating properly. Can you try charging another device using the cig lighter outlet? Or in another car?


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    The output from the cig lighter socket feeds power ok, to say my mobile phone. So I guess I'll phone support. Thanks for your help.
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    I have exactly the same problem, did you get it resolved?
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