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Trucker 6000 disconnecting when updating with MyDrive Connect

nickkannickkan Posts: 1 [New Traveler]
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been trying to update my Trucker 6000 Without success, updates are download to my PC eventually, connect between PC and device kept disconnecting.
Only manage to upload 12% to the device before connection between PC and device disconnects
I have tried to update using to different Laptops (1 running Windows 10 and the other running the latest Mac OS) and various cables. Reinstalled MyDrive on both machines without success.
I can’t even load the original maps on to the device
Any help will be much appreciated.


  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 7,950 TomTom Moderator
    Hi nickkan,

    Welcome to the forum:)

    This could be happening due to various reasons.

    Antivirus, firewall blocking the connection, USB cable issue.

    When updates are offered try installing them one at a time using the My Content tab(MyDrive Connect).

    Incase if the problem still remains then perhaps Customer Services can assist you further.


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  • tonyorrotonyorro Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Dear nickkan,

    I see, you have the same issue what I had with my Go 510. Try the folowing steps if you have Windows 10 with usb 3.0, because I think your computer recognizes TT like a network adapter (Go 6000 has to be with a similar construction with Go 510). You can be sure, if you open Device Manager and your TT appear below Network drivers when is plugged in.

    In that case, you have to reset the winsock.

    1. Install the latest MyDrive Connect version.
    2. Connect your TomTom device to the computer.
    3. Press Search task near Windows on tasks bar, type “Command prompt”.
    4. Right click on Command prompt and click on “run as an administrator”.
    5. Click Yes on “enable to make changes on this computer”.
    6. Type “netsh Winsock reset” in the prompt and press Enter.
    7. Restart the computer without to disconnect your TomTom device.

    After that you restarted the computer, the connection between your TT and your computer will be stable, the only problem is that you have to repeat steps 2 - 7 every time, when you want to update your TomTom device. I hope will work to you also.
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