no valid gps signal start 25

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After many visits to Halfords where I purchased my device 12 months ago,hours of attempting resets and calls to support in India my Start 25 will not receive a valid gps signal and is completely useless to me! Support were helpful and polite,went through reset joy....and then emailed link to reinstall software.That hasn't helped one bit and after letting device run now for over 4 hours still can't find a signal.Took back to Halfords again this evening and manager who sold me the device last year says without a receipt he cannot exchange but does remember selling it to me at the time.Perfectly understandable.I registered the product on the day of purchase with Tom Tom and updated at the same time.Am I now up sh*t creek without a Tom Tom? Doubt this thing will ever even find sh*t creek either.Can't afford to just go out and buy another and at £89.00 think it should last longer than 12 months.When it was working was a great,easy to use and lifetime maps but the maps are no good without a gps signal to operate them! If anyone knows the directions back from sh*t creek could they please advise..I don't even have a paddle?


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    When did you last connect the device to MyDriveConnect for a gpsfix file? Is the battery fully charged?
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    Last connected today.tells me device is up to date.Battery fully charged.soft and hard resets done still no joy.
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    same with mine, is defo a lack of support on the server or support side.. :/