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We are happy to announce the release of the open public Beta version of the TomTom Bandit Studio desktop editing suite.

What is the TomTom Bandit Studio?

The TomTom Bandit Studio is a lightweight and free desktop editing suite for your TomTom Bandit.
It allows you to manage your videos and “Create a Story” using the highlights from your recordings - including overlays and music (mp3 only).
It’s also possible to update the Bandit Action Camera directly in the TomTom Bandit Studio.

Why is TomTom releasing the TomTom Bandit Studio as a Public Beta?

We want to make sure our users get the best experience when using the final version of the TomTom Bandit Studio, with your help we can make this possible.

Who should join the Beta?

Anyone who is interested in having early access to the TomTom Bandit Studio and is happy to provide feedback on their experiences.

How do I join the Beta?

You just need to download the beta version of the TomTom Bandit Studio for either Windows or Mac from

How can I provide feedback?

Simply create a post or comment on existing posts here in this board.

What kind of Feedback would TomTom like?

We want everything! Any issues you have seen, any bugs you experience, the improvements you wish to see. We will also listen to any feature requests that you may have.
A small team of TomTom Employees will respond to the posts to either help you with any questions you have and also to log all feedback for use in improving the TomTom Bandit Studio.

How do I get started with the TomTom Bandit Studio?

Our aim is to provide a video editing desktop suite that is both easy to use and intuitive. We also have more information in the user guide available from and on our support pages to help you get started.

What are the minimum System Requirements for the TomTom Bandit Studio?

The minimum system requirements are available here: [Insert link to the FAQ]

Happy Editing – The TomTom Team