Software update for the Spark & Runner2 watches - version 1.1.14

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Hi all,

We just released a first software update for the Spark and Runner 2 watches.

Please find below what's in this update:
  • We fixed an issue that could cause treadmill calibration to fail.
  • You can now create a custom race on your watch so that you can race a specific distance or time.
  • We have improved setting the clock after a complete battery drain.
  • We fixed an issue that cause to watch to continue showing the charging icon after removing it from the dock.
  • We improved translations for some languages.
  • If your watch supports music, you can now control the music playback by moving up from Clock screen.
  • We improved battery life when playing music.
  • We improved the music file compatibility.
  • We improved the USB connectivity with a computer.
  • Sleep data can now be uploaded to the MySports website.
  • You can now use your watch in Japanese.
  • You can now use your watch in Korean.
  • You can now use your watch in Malaysian.
  • You can now use your watch in Indonesian.

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