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Here is a curiosity for the resident experts to try and answer.

I have a Start 25 and one interesting screen is the GPS Status screen. The manual describes this as "the GPS Status screen" - more or less. :)

Obviously the various numbers on this screen mean something - e.g. it was by following up on "United Kingdom XX.XNN" that I discovered mapcodes. The manual doesn't mention them.

But what about the main 'globe' or 'sky' display? Is it just entertaining or does it actually mean anything and if so what? Over time I have come to believe it probably does mean something. Here are my guesses.

In some manner it displays satellites (seems the maximum number is eleven) as yellowish blobs or stars. I don't know if their position on the globe/sky is realistic. It looks as if a brighter yellow could mean a stronger signal. When a lock is accomplished a satellite seems to go greenish. With four or more locks (GPS working) the globe/sky turns dark blue and it tells you "Lock on x satellites."

BUT - there is one mystery left. The outer marker that trails around the periphery of the globe/sky. This is usually explained as just "Searching for satellites". However, I have noticed something. Normally this trails around at a constant circular speed, but sometimes I notice it seems to move differently. Sometimes, rather than a constant speed it takes up a roller-coaster movement: speeding up as it falls to the bottom (South) then gradually slowing as it climbs to the top (North). But I have never worked out the significance of this.

Does anyone know? - assuming it does mean something and is not just a side effect of internal operations.


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    Hi CatNip,

    Thanks for bringing this up!

    The circling radar picture is indicating the GPS chip searching for satellites. I'm not sure how accurate reflection of this search it is (meant to be) but if it's completely still, you're likely experiencing a hardware issue with the GPS chip.

    This is also mentioned in this FAQ.

    Cheers, Mikko
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    No, it isn't "completely still" and device isn't faulty AFAIK. The question is what is the significance (if any) in the two modes or rotation?

    1. Constant circular rotation

    2. Varying rotation speed. Increasing towards bottom (South), slowing towards top (North)
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