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MyDrive Connect desktop app update

TTChrisTTChris Posts: 964 Retired Community Managers and Staff
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Hi all,

Today we have updated the MyDrive Connect desktop app. There is no need for any update on the user side, you should be able to see the change the next time you open MyDrive Connect. The changes are as follows:

• On the overview page we have placed the links Buy Maps and Services and MyDrive - Plan routes and view traffic in a more prominent place.

• If the device has a microSD card inserted, you will be able to choose a memory location when installing a map under My Maps.

Also, in the more info panel there will either be the choice to Install on Device or Install on SD Card.

If the map won’t fit on the device memory and there is a microSD card inserted, the default value will then set to Install on SD Card.

• In the MyMaps section we have made it clearer which maps are installed ( by adding Installed above the map image).

• In the clean up wizard, it will also be possible to install a smaller map for a map installed on the device.

• For a partially installed map, the Install button will change to Repair. (It is also shown that the map is corrupted above the image of the map)

Partial/Corrupted maps will also be shown in the clean up wizard, with the possibility to remove them.

Happy driving! :D



  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,627
    Thanks Chris

    Well done works a treat.....
    I have just deleted my UK Map from my GO5000's main memory
    and installed the map onto the Memory card

  • stuartsjbstuartsjb Posts: 11 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Hi YFM,

    I'd like to try installing the map on my SD card, too -- how did you delete your UK map from the GO5000's internal memory?

  • bobsjoybobsjoy Posts: 30 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    I would like to know that too. I would also like to have information about installing a smaller map ?
  • bobsjoybobsjoy Posts: 30 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    + I can no longer find the option to load a smaller map - where is it, how do I navigate to it ?
  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,627
    Before I started... I had the Europe Map and the UK&ROI Map installed on my GO5000's Main Memory
    I deleted the UK&ROI Map
    Then Using the latest revised MyDrive, I reinstalled the Map selecting the "Install on the SD Card" option
    The UK&ROI Map installed onto the Memory card without a hitch

  • bobsjoybobsjoy Posts: 30 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    YamFazman Thank you for that response.
    I am currently, under the guidance of Support (but they have now closed for the night)
    reinstalling the map after it was deleted for me.
    Trouble is, I wasn't offered the 'new software' option of where to put the map so I'm not hopeful that it will be anywhere other than where it started, in memory, when it has finished in :

    Downloading content to your computer 15%Time left: 1 hr 50 min 42 seconds.

    time will tell I suppose but I see no reason for it to be on the SD card as my, up to date so it tells me, version of MyDrive didn't have the option of putting it there.
    No idea why - as I was expecting to get the choice, as I had seen the updated software on here but I have a 500 not a 5000 so maybe that is why,
    If the map appears in memory again I will delete it, add lots and lots of POIs - as they always go into memory, reload the map - which will be forced onto the SD card as I will have filled the memory with POIs :D and I'll then delete the POIs and reload the one I want again - as Support says it needs to be loaded after the map.
    Well that's the theory. I will wait and see what happens next.
    Joy xx
  • stuartsjbstuartsjb Posts: 11 [Outstanding Explorer]
    Thanks YFM -- it sounds like your content options are different to mine -- all I get is the ability to install a smaller map (and I can't pick an install location for that). That said, I've just changed to Europe with 3D buildings limited to UK & ROI, which means that I'm no longer pushing the internal storage limits in any case!

  • YamFazManYamFazMan Posts: 19,627
    I Think it's because I have two maps installed, the Europe Map and the UK&ROI Map

    I feel the Map management system is dynamic, and the options offered change depending on what Maps are installed (Size) and where they are installed (Main/Memory card)

  • wayne26wayne26 Posts: 276 [Renowned Trailblazer]

    I may have missed something where is the Clean Up Wizard.:(

  • deejay2deejay2 Posts: 31 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    can we actually call this clean up wizard manually or is just available once there is no space?
    I would like to call it manually and remove those 3D maps completely. That could save me a lot of space.
    Is it possible?

    why on go 5100 there is Europe, UK, Ireland maps....i thought Europe already contains Uk and Ireland.
    Or UK and Ireland is not part of Europe map anymore? Confusing I would say.
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