Is MyDrive Connect compatible with Windows 10?



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    I've gotten a few different messages along the same line, but it's not working yet. Are you using MS browser or another? I use Google. When I updated to Win10, it worked well on the MS Edge browser but then I moved it back to my default Google browser and it worked ok. When I got the MS update on Wednesday it quit working. It says my TomTom updated but hasn't opened for me.
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    Getting confused here... Are you talking about MyDrive or MyDrive Connect? Because MyDrive Connect is browser independent for the last few months, so don't even have to use any browser. For Windows 10 issues, have a look at some of these below:

    *Always make sure that you are logged in with the correct account. One device, one account*

    *** for Windows 10 users ***

    If you have just updated recently, you might run into trouble with TT (and other devices too). Disconnect the device,
    uninstall the MyDrive Connect support app with Revo Uninstaller, restart the PC, download the latest MyDrive Connect
    installer from and install it again. Also in Windows 10, click on the "Start" menu
    (Windows icon in lower left corner), click on Settings and then Updates. Look for further updates, download and install
    those. Restart the PC, wait a minute or two, until everything starts up. Connect the device. If it is not recognised yet,
    keep it connected and then press and hold the ON button, until you hear the drum roll. Then wait another minute. If you
    have no luck yet, visit the web site of the manufacturer of the PC and look for newer (Windows 10 compatible) USB or
    chipset drivers for your computer and install it.

    *** For further troubleshooting tips, please see below ***


    - It is very unlikely that one would have to do these all, it is usually one of the below mentioned possibilities

    - As in IT Crowd: Have you tried to turn the computer off and on again? :)

    - Try to add MyDrive Connect to the exclusion list of your antivirus and firewall (or disable those temporarily)
    - Make sure that your computer is not going into stand-by or similar (this shouldn't happen with the latest MyDrive Connect)
    - Clear the cache before each update attempt. Also could do a soft reset before and after the update
    - Make sure you have all the latest updates and hotfixes/patches to your OS (not only the mandatory ones, but the optionals too)
    - In case the device looks like hung during the update or the counter stopped (or not visible at all), just leave it.
    Most probably it will be fine in a few minutes (or within a couple of hours, in case of installing large maps)
    - Check your network connections, make sure that the TT's network adapter is enabled
    - Try to uninstall and re-install the MyDrive Connect application (best to use Revo Uninstaller to remove)
    - Try to use a USB port on the mainboard, rather than a USB hub (desktop PC)
    - Try to change the port to 5000 (or 5001) in MyDrive Connect's settings
    - Try to run the MyDrive Connect app as administrator
    - Sometimes disabling caching large files helps too
    - It is worth checking the USB power saver settings

    - Any further issue: Try it on another PC, try it with different USB lead...the shorter the better (below steps are Windows specific)
    - Whilst the device connected, remove the drivers from the Device Manager (Windows/Control Panel), DELETE the drivers
    - Remove the MyDrive Connect application and run CCLEANER (will remove your history, cookies, etc by default)

    - At the moment certain USB3 port looks like incompatible with the TT devices (those are usually coloured blue on the PC).
    Could try BIOS update on the PC or enable "Legacy mode" for the USB ports in the BIOS (for further instructions, look for the user manual of your PC/mainboard)
    - Don't use the magnetic mount whilst updating, connect the micro USB directly into the device
    - Disable any network monitoring software
    - Update one item at a time, don't select all.
    Best order: NavCore/software - Map - QuickGPSfix - Speed Cams - Map Share Corrections (this is the smallest but longest in some cases)

    Certain Mac versions (10.10.2, 10.10.3 and 10.10.4) have USB issues, but there is an official fix available, provided by Apple.
    The latest version of MyDrive connect is not compatible with Windows XP SP2 and below, make sure that you update to SP3 and install ALL the other updates.
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    for four years i have used my tomtom via with windows 7 without a problem, but it is not working with windows 10, which i installed last week. i have tried all of the suggestions i have read about rebooting everything, reinstalling, etc., etc., etc. nothing worked so i checked my windows troubleshooter, which said: "Incompatible program detected. TomTom mydrive connect is incompatible." that seems pretty definitive to me.
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    I suppose when the W10 installer did a pre-check to tell you which software was incompatible with the W10 and that didn't mention MyDrive Connect, that was definitive to you also...
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    Just for the fun of it, connected one of my TT devices (the GO 5000) to all my PCs home and pretty sure some "experts" will comment like "oh, you are lucky" and so, but this is not luck... The GO 5000 and MyDrive Connect worked fine on:

    - my main desktop PC with W10 and an ancient Intel DualCore CPU
    - my daughter's laptop with W10 and an older Intel Pentium CPU
    - my son's desktop with W10 and a pretty old Intel DualCore CPU (it was the cheapest config I could get a few years ago)
    - my wife's laptop with W10 and an older AMD CPU
    - my small HP travel laptop with W10 and Intel Atom CPU
    - my "large" HP travel laptop with W10 and Intel Core i3 CPU

    All used to be on W7 and got upgraded to W10 by using all previous settings, software and files, there are 32bit and 64bit versions, HOME and Pro editions, different level of updating (not all Microsoft updates and patches are installed on all PCs), yet all works fine.

    For the record, on the worst config (HP mini laptop with Intel Atom CPU), I connected the TT first, then installed the MyDrive Connect. The driver installation got stuck (but had no error message) and just to give a slap to it, I even unplugged the device. After a soft reset, disconnect/reconnect, restart, the W10 couldn't recognize it yet. Went to the COM and LTP ports part in the device manager, removed an old device that I haven't used for some time, clicked on search for hardware changes and the TT was recognized and installed straight and MyDrive Connect was working fine too, right after this.

    So yes, the MyDrive Connect IS compatible with W10, regardless of your experience (including the TT driver also). The issue lies with some other stuff on your PCs.
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    This is what I received from customer support regarding Windows 10. My device is Via 1435 but others might be the same:

    I would like to inform you that the TomTom MyDrive Connect is the compatible supporting application to update your TomTom VIA 1435. However, when you upgrade the operating system, you need to uninstall the previous version of MyDrive Connect application and reinstall the new one. You need to perform clean uninstallation and then reinstall the new MyDrive application. Please follow the steps below to do the same :

    Close MyDrive Connect completely:
    If your navigation device is connected to the computer, disconnect it.
    Click the MyDrive Connect icon ( or ) in the Windows notification area or Apple menu bar and then select > Quit
    Uninstall MyDrive:
    Click on the Start button and go to All Programs → TomTom → Uninstall TomTom MyDrive
    Alternatively you can use Add or Remove Programs in the Contol Panel to remove TomTom MyDrive Connect.
    Remove the application file:
    Press the Windows logo key +R to open the Windows Run dialog
    Type %localappdata%. Click OK.
    You will see list of folder. Find and open TomTom folder
    Delete HOME 3 folder.
    Delete the MyDrive Connect folder from: C:\Program Files (x86) (if still present)
    Delete the TomTom folder from: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\ (USERNAME - It is the user name which you use to login to Windows )
    Delete the TomTom folder from: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\
    Delete every file and folder from: C:\Windows\Temp\ (in case some files can't be removed, reboot the PC and retry)
    Restart your computer.

    Re download a new installer from (I recommend you to use the Google Chrome while downloading the installer)

    Now install MyDrive Connect with the newly downloaded installer.

    After the installation process of the new MyDrive application completes successfully, please restart your computer. Now, check if the application is able to connect to your device properly or not.

    After this, please try to download the map update again. Please let me know the outcome after performing the above troubleshooting steps and I will be happy to help you further.

    Reply or call us at 866-486-6866 Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST or Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

    Kind regards,

    Omkar D.
    TomTom Customer Support
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    The latest MyDrive Connect was released 22 days ago, so there is no newer version. If you have updated on your previous OS to the one that was released 22 days ago, then uninstalling and reinstalling would give the very same version. However it can be one of the solutions on some PCs (but not because of any version difference).
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    Nice post bigdinaz,that is very clear and worked perfectly for me.
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    FWIW......................MyDrive connect and MyDrive working fine here with Win 10.

    Having said that, I've got rid of all the stupid live tiles, cortana, edge, stopped it sending all my details to ms, and so on and on.
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    having same problems with a start 20, reinstalled mydrive as above yet when i connect my tomtom is see's it and says 3 updates available and when i choose view updates I get deivice not responding. The latest My drive does not work now on this windows 10 machine
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    A lot of fiddling and reconnecting etc and its now updating but gonna take 2.5 hours which is pathetic (500mbits/500mbits fiber glass connection)and will probably disconnect in the middle of the download. Is there no way to allow manual download and update from a local machine?
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    Unfortunately the blooming forum is keep freezing, since the survey is disabled and couldn't post this:

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    Just followed the procedure for my Go 2505 and it solved the problem for Windows 10.
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    Since upgrading to Windows 10 Pro, have not been able to connect to My Drive Connect to update my 2050 TomTom GPS.
    My Toshiba laptop only has USB 3 ports, and everything worked with Windows 8.1. Pro. It is not the firewall, because I have tried with the firewall turned off. I have uninstalled My Drive Connect following instructions on this website, including deleting the TomTom folders etc.
    The usb driver needs to be updated to make my GPS compatible with Windows 10 Pro. I have tried updating the driver in device manager.
    It would seem that the Tom Tom support team are in denial mode. Windows can see the Tom Tom device, but My Drive Connect is locked
    into "connecting", it is not connecting via the usb cable with My Drive Connect, only with Windows 10 Pro. I will check for new versions of
    My Drive Connect from time to time, or use a Windows 8 machine to update my device. The remarks about the device not being compatible with USB 3 are a joke, because the device was compatible with USB3 with Windows 8.
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    The word 'Solved" at the top of this page is offensive. The issue is NOT solved.
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    1300 135 604
    Monday-Friday:9:00 am to 5:30 pm AEST

    Let them assist you.
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    It is not solved for you, but solved for the OP. Have you tried the steps I've posted above (11 days ago)?
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    I have tried most of the steps, my Toshiba chipset drivers are up to date. I will try with another pc with Windows 8, and then a shorter usb cable etc. I will comment again at the weekend.
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    Zsolt who seems obsessed with stressing to the world that he is NOT a TomTom employee actually suggested : "try it with different USB lead...the shorter the better" and when I considered this, I realised that this is impossible as the usb lead needs to have a TomTom connector at the other end. A different usb lead without a TomTom connector at the other end would not help. My problem is now solved thanks to Revo Uninstaller. For My Drive Connect to work with Windows 10, the previous installation needs to be removed. Windows Uninstaller using the control panel does not do a good enough job, as the software is dirty. Manually deleting folders and trying to find and delete traces did not work for me either. Using Revo Uninstaller and numerous restarts, did eventually work for me, after reinstalling My Drive Connect. All of the talk about USB3 issues is garbage, as if the device worked with USB3 ports and Win7 or Win8, that is not an issue with Win10, and my experience confirms this. The issue is certainly not Windows 10, but the fact that the software is so dirty that Revo Uninstaller may need to be used more than once to uninstall the software. This is preferable to a clean installation of Win10.
    Deleting items from the registry is not for the faint of heart, and Revo Uninstaller is the safest way to do this. The fact that the software is so dirty reflects poorly on TomTom. Fixing this issue is the problem.
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    This just clearly shows how incompetent you are (when it comes to this topic). First of all, your first sentence is nothing to do with the issue and absolutely pointless to mention. Secondly, ONLY the NAV3 range of TomTom devices (plus some weird old models) require the special TomTom cable, otherwise all use standard mini or micro USB wires, hence some try to update with 1 meter long wire even. The longer the wire the less reliable the connection is. About the dirty software, that is rubbish again. The Revo Uninstaller removes the exact same thing at the first try and at the 50th time too. And if you are such an expert, can you please provide some evidence why is it not a Windows 10 error by a MyDrive Connect error? I'm happy if you can PROVE me wrong, instead of just blabbing, but if you do a simple Google Search for instance, you will see how many people are having issues with Windows 10 (not about TomTom, but in general). Also if you would know computers, you would know that Toshiba makes one of the biggest pile of rubbish computers and have one of the worst drivers. I wouldn't buy anything related to Toshiba and computers, even if I was forced. But you sound like an expert, so please prove it or be quiet and be happy that it works, regardless the rubbish Toshiba and full of bugs Windows 10...
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    My model TomTom is the Go Live 2050 model, and it has a TomTom connector at the end of the USB cable:
    You can say that it has a standard micro USB cable a hundred times, but that will not make it true.
    Also see:
    As you are a TomTom expert, are you saying that my model is a NAV3 or just a weird old model? Windows 10 had more beta testers than any other previous operating system, and the final product to some extent reflects their wishes. You can change the settings to suit yourself. I was unaware that the new model TomToms have standard micro usb cables, but then I do not work for TomTom, I am a simple customer. I thought that my model was new in 2012 or 2013 and was not aware that it is a weird old model. The majority of Win10 users so far are happy with the product. Any software that does not uninstall cleanly, and requires Revo Uninstaller to remove it completely is dirty software. I think that you should take your tablets and lie down with your Macintosh. Toshiba laptops are much better than HP machines, or Dell.
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    The 2050 is a NAV3 model and the concept is around 5 years old. I was beta testing the W10 Insider Preview for months and the TT worked fine all the time with MyDrive Connect. Seen other people having issues with USB devices on certain W10 editions before the final release, but most of those were sorted. Nevertheless, my mum's Compaq laptop for instance (which is again a pile of cr.p when comes to drivers and quality) has issue with W10 and a MICROSOFT genuine wheelmouse. Under W7 it worked fine and on other PCs the same mouse works fine too. The Revo Uninstaller is not a must and most software leaves some stuff behind, it is just one of those troubleshooting tips that helps for one and not for others. I for one had to use Revo only once and that was for testing purpose (and not even TT related). A normal uninstall removed all the stuff as it supposed to.
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     Superuser the way, Toshiba, Dell, HP are all the same rubbish. Hardware and software wise too. Fairly speaking, most brands have some issue(s). I don't have a Mac, so bad guess again :)

    Once again: Get a proof of what you stated or rather don't say a thing.
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    Hi all,

    Thanks for all your feedback regarding Windows 10!

    We've got a lot of feedback regarding Windows 10 and are monitoring it closely. As has been mentioned here, MyDrive Connect is compatible with Windows 10 (also mentioned here) and most issues we've got reports of have been resolved with standard troubleshooting (see also this FAQ [MyDrive Connect troubleshooting tips]).

    Cheers, Mikko
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    My Go60 worked fine with W8.1, but now with W10, I can't get updates anymore. I contacted the helpdesk by mail, and tried all the recommended troubleshooting steps, including the drumroll reset but nothing helps to come to a solution. They did a reset of my account, and it seemed to work, but the day after, the problem was there again. It's a strange situation that some users with W10 don't have problems.
    I hope that TT will come with an answer to fix this problem soon.