New geo-tagging feature available on our MapShare Reporter website!

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Hi all,

I am happy to announce that you are now able to attach geo-tagged pictures to your MapShare reports!

Why is this so important?
We often receive reports on map changes that are difficult for us to verify. Depending on the type of your report, we cannot just go ahead and change things in a map, as this could have serious consequences for other users. Therefore we need to ensure that the reports are valid before we can go ahead and apply changes (e.g. a speed limit or turn restriction) in your map.

What is a geo-tag, and why is this important for TomTom?
A geo-tag will provide information on the location where an image was taken. This is enough proof for us to verify that e.g. a certain road sign is actually at the location you reported to us, which makes it a lot easier to process map reports efficiently.

How can I geo-tag images?
This feature is usually automatically enabled on your smartphone, however you can find this option in your phone's settings. GPS has to be turned on in order to geo-tag images.

How do I upload images on the MapShare Reporter website?
Simply locate and enter your map report on the map. At the bottom you will then find the option to upload up to two images (in JPEG format and 10MB max).


I hope this helps with your map reporting. :D



  • Zsolt
    Zsolt Posts: 36,014
    Nice :) Finally can give up using tinypic to upload images :)
  • BartV
    BartV Registered Users Posts: 36

    textual reports in combination with 'visual' evidence (= photo of a street name or speed sign board, missing piece of geo, point of interest...) will helps us closing out the valuable reports even faster than before!

  • Eelco9
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    A quick question for TT. I've submitted over 30 road closures. All of them are temporally. Since 1 month they aren't accepted nor rejected. Sometimes it isn't possible because it is at midnight or it's because of an accident. But it looks to me like this is under developed. Is there a possibility to give traffic more attention in the future?
  • Zsolt
    Zsolt Posts: 36,014
    It is just a workaround as their MSR site wasn't intended for traffic reporting. If you send them mails with the exact details, they check with their 3rd parties, why they didn't get the info. I find it insufficient for traffic reporting. For map errors, it is the best thing.
  • BartV
    BartV Registered Users Posts: 36
    Can you tell me your credentials used for logging on to MSR? Thx!
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